Ethos Fuel Reformulator Test

by louabbott on July 22, 2008 – Published July 22, 2008

A product, manufactured by Ethos Environmental in San Diego, California, is said to reduce emissions while increasing your gas mileage.

It’s a clear formula reportedly made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen esters that acts as a lubricant both in your engine and in your fuel tank.

News Channel 11 put Ethos Fuel Reformulator to the test.  While the results were somewhat inconclusive, at least one of our testers, David Clark, indicates he will continue use in hopes of better mile per gallon results from his Mini Cooper.

“Me like anybody would like to find some cure out there to get better gas mileage.  Who wouldn’t want that?,“ he said.

Clark said the fact that his car only saw a slightly better mile per gallon result from the first-time use of Ethos FR over the last trip where he calculated his gas mileage, is probably because he hadn’t given it enough time to prove itself.

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