Death prompts Cell Tech lawsuit

by louabbott on January 26, 2006

Herald and News – Published January 26, 2006

The family of a deceased Klamath Falls woman has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Cell Tech International, alleging she died after the company supplied her dietary supplements with toxic levels of microcystins.

But Cell Tech’s attorney Erick Haynie said Wednesday that there has been no evidence provided by doctors that Melissa Blake died due to repeated exposure to the naturally occurring toxin.

Blake, who worked as a receptionist for Cell Tech in Klamath Falls, was 34 when she died April 18, 2003, from severe liver and kidney failure. She left behind a young son. In the civil suit, filed in Multnomah County Circuit Court, the family is asking for $500,000 in economic damages for medical and funeral and burial costs and $1.5 million in damages for the emotional loss of Blake as a daughter and mother.

The suit was filed for the estate of Melissa Kay Blake through her mother, Susan Blake of Klamath Falls. Susan Blake told the Herald and News that her attorney advised her not to comment on the case.

Read the entire article at Herald and News [link no longer available]

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