Cure for Your Disease or Empty Promise?

by louabbott on June 1, 2007

ABC News – June 1, 2007

Try $415 million. That’s how much Mannatech, a Texas-based company, made in the last 12 months selling sugar pills and powders made from larch bark and aloe, known as glyconutrients.

Mannatech says its product, Ambrotose, is a simple nutritional supplement that helps the cells in one’s body communicate with one another. Ambrotose is sold exclusively by multilevel marketing sales associates who, functioning as independent contractors, try to sign up customers to buy the product and become sales associates themselves.

The product is shipped directly from the company to customers, with sales associates getting a cut of the profits.

But critics say the company’s bottom line is has been boosted by unverifiable health claims made by some of it’s multilevel marketing sales force.

A three-month “20/20” hidden camera investigation found outlandish claims being made by some Mannatech sales associates around the country, extolling what they say are the extraordinary powers of Mannatech’s patented product, called Ambrotose. Ambrotose costs at least $200 a month — more than some prescription drugs.

For example, one Mannatech sales associate in Austin, Texas, said: “People with cancer call us every single day: ‘The tumor is gone!'”

Another in New York said: “She comes in five months after we’ve worked together, and she’s breast cancer free!”

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