Chef Selections sharing family recipe food with everyone

by louabbott on September 21, 2007 – Published September 21, 2007

A food-based Tucson business more than a decade in the making is hitting the multilevel marketing industry by storm this summer.

Director of Culinary Relations Jackie Melendez said she expects thousands of consultants to join Chef Selections this month and sell products such as beer bread mixes, apple butter and Mexican corn bread pudding cake to their friends and families or as part of a fundraising effort.

“People can have a home party, they can have a meeting,” Melendez said. “Our consultants can bring guests. That’s how we build our business, one person at a time.”

Consultants put down $100 per month to receive a food finds box with an assortment of products. They earn 40 percent commission on the sales they make and there are incentives to bring in other consultants.

“It’s a great way for someone who has never been in this type of business to learn all the techniques by watching somebody else do it,” Melendez said. “The great thing about this business is that everyone eats food.”

Melendez said the company is in a unique position because the number of people purchasing specialty food items is growing.

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