Burke Hedges Joins LifeVantage as a Distributor

by louabbott on May 18, 2009


Burke Hedges, author of Who Stole the American Dream and Parable of the Pipeline, is considered an icon in the network marketing industry. He has built multi-million dollar network marketing organizations and is a sought-after speaker and trainer on network marketing, as well as the author of seven books that have sold over four million copies worldwide and have been translated into 20 different languages. LifeVantage Corporation (OTCBB:LFVN), the maker of Protandim(R), today announced that Burke Hedges has joined the LifeVantage team as an independent distributor.

Burke Hedges commented, “For 21 years, my specific area of expertise is network marketing – I have built two multi-million dollar network marketing organizations and speak internationally on the subject. I have written seven books to educate, empower and equip distributors of the industry with the knowledge and tools to build a successful and profitable network marketing business. When I learned about the LifeVantage opportunity, I was blown away by the life changing, breakthrough science behind Protandim, which I believe will, without question, create mass market appeal and demand for the product. It’s not another ‘me too’ product – it’s backed by science. When I learned the company was using the proven, word of mouth, viral network marketing strategy to educate consumers about the product, I became unglued with excitement. I’ve waited years for an opportunity with such explosive growth potential like LifeVantage.”

Read the entire article at Business Wire

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