BioPerformance Claims Vindication

by louabbott on January 23, 2007

DALLAS, TX – Published January 23, 2007

BioPerformance, Inc. today entered into an agreement with the State of Texas which requires that BioPerfomance provide the State with seven million dollars “to make restitution for any existing issues of customer satisfaction”.  It also opens the door for BioPerformance to resume their marketing “very soon”.

“We wanted to make refunds ourselves, but the Texas Attorney General insisted that he be allowed to do it.”

The case was set to go to court in three weeks; but the Texas attorney general decided to settle out of court, saying it was best for consumers, according to a WESH news report, which news company was instrumental in instigating the Attorney General’s actions last May. (Ref.)

According to David F. Bragg, the attorney for BioPerformance, “The agreement reached with the Attorney General and signed by the Court expressly authorizes BioPerformance, Inc. to continue marketing its proven product.”

Read the entire article at Pure Energy Systems Network

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