Beware Acai Berry Free Offers

by louabbott on April 26, 2009

WCVB TV BOSTON – Published April 26, 2009

Some call it a super fruit, claiming that acai berry can make those who eat it healthier and thinner. But the manner in which many acai berry products are marketed is leaving many consumers with a sour taste.

NewsCenter 5’s Susan Wornick reported Monday that better business bureaus in Massachusetts and across the country have been flooded with consumer complaints about free trial offers of acai berry products that aren’t as they appear.

“These are companies that take advantage of those people that are desperate,” said Warren King of the Better Business Bureau.  Acai juice is riding high on claims it fights cholesterol, is an anti-aging elixir and even acts as a natural Viagra. More Viewers who have emailed Team 5 Investigates complain that they ordered a 30-day free trial of acai berry and agreed to pay about $5 shipping, but instead ended up with credit card charges up to $80 or $90.”

Another wrote, “What’s hidden in the fine print, is that they are going to continually send you bottles of these supplements and charge your credit card $75-$80 a bottle until you call & cancel the subscription.”

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