Attorney General Abbott Shuts Down Pyramid Scheme That Marketed Bogus Fuel Pill

by louabbott on January 23, 2007

AUSTIN, TX – January 23, 2007

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott today stopped a Dallas-based pyramid scheme from illegally marketing the so-called “top secret gas pill” that it falsely claimed would increase fuel efficiency in automobiles. The Attorney General’s settlement with BioPerformance and its owners, Lowell Mims and Gustavo Romero, prevents the defendants from continuing to deceptively market their products and ends the State’s eight-month legal action against the company.

A combination of the defendants’ frozen assets and the dissolution of two trusts created by Mims and Romero will provide more than $7 million in compensation to deceived consumers. Mims and Romero may continue to operate any legitimate enterprise, but may not deceptively market BioPerformance pills or similar fuel additive products.

Read the entire article at Texas Attorney General

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