Amway Sees 20% Growth in Philippines

by louabbott on October 26, 2009

The grand-daddy of all multilevel marketing companies continues to grow – even after 50 years in business.  Here’s the latest news from overseas:

Despite the global financial crisis, Amway Philippines sees a robust 20 percent growth this year with sales getting a big boost from its organic agricultural fertilizer products.

Amway Philippines country manager Ador Bonquin told reporters that the company’s growth is supported by the expansion of the Amway Distributor Center (ADC) …

“We have to expand to cater to the needs of our over 40,000 independent business owners (IBOs),” Bonquin said.

Bonquin said they have been enjoying double digit growth in sales in the past five years.

“Our 2008 sales increased by 30 percent from 2007 figures. As of today, our sales are up by 20 percent compared to last year,” Bonquin said.

Globally, Amway expects sales to reach $8.3 billion this year.

…Bonquin said that among Asian countries, Amway’s agricultural products are only distributed in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Full article here

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