Amway angling for a comeback in US

by louabbott on December 25, 2008 11 – North Bend, OR – Published Dec 25, 2008

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Once a household name  … the Amway brand faded from the American market years ago, tarnished by legal and regulatory problems … direct-seller of everything from health and beauty items to household cleaners  repeatedly fought allegations that it was a pyramid scheme. The company also paid $20 million in fines in a Canadian criminal fraud case in 1983 … In 2000 … the Amway name was dropped in the U.S. and Canada. The hope was that the company could emerge wholly remade in the world of online sales under a new moniker: Quixtar … Now, as Amway’s 50th anniversary approaches in May … Now about 80 percent of it is outside the country …

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