AMS founder says worst is over for company

by louabbott on December 15, 2005

TCM News – Published December 15, 2005

Since the beginning of 2004, AMS Health Sciences Inc. has laid off half its employees while changing its president, its name and its top-selling product. The only constant has been the company’s declining stock price, which closed Wednesday at 64 cents, up a penny from Tuesday’s all-time low.

John Hail, founder and chairman of the Oklahoma City multilevel marketing company, said that may be about to change. But Hail admits things could get worse before they improve.

“We were in a precarious position,” Hail said. “I don’t blame the shareholders for bailing out.”

One major shareholder, California investor Gary Bryant, said he is “a little optimistic” about the company’s prospects.

“I don’t think it’s going to go up until after the first of the year,” said Bryant, who owns about 300,000 shares at an average price of about $3.60 a share. “Between here and there, it’s a good place to buy. But I wouldn’t tell anyone else to buy it.”

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