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by louabbott on March 5, 2008

March 5, 2008

Agel Enterprises is more than just a company – it has become the platform upon which thousands of Agel team members across the globe have laid the foundation for their personal health and prosperity.  Along the way we have created Network Marketing history together, and started many people on the path to their dreams.  As Founder and CEO, my most critical function is to watch over our company, and provide for our long-term growth and viability.  This involves continually monitoring operations, marketing, and procedures to ensure that we strengthen our position, both in the industry and in the global marketplace.

In conjunction with that responsibility, I am pleased to announce forthcoming corrections to the Agel Compensation Plan that I believe will strengthen our position as a company, provide for future growth, and ultimately enhance your chances of success.

The Compensation Plan is a critical part of our business and it has contributed to our extraordinary early success.  This can be attributed to the innovative nature of the plan, and the behaviors it encourages. It is, therefore, not without a great deal of consideration and careful planning that we have contemplated these improvements and now move forward with their implementation.

We have worked in full coordination with our field leadership and have examined this issue from every conceivable angle, exploring many different scenarios to determine the course of action that would not only satisfy needed adjustments to the cap overages, but further encourage the very behaviors and attitudes that have made our company the envy of our industry.

As you know, the plan is designed to pay out 50 cents of every dollar in commissionable volume to you, the team members.  And as you are also aware, for many months now, our monthly payout has exceeded that – frequently reaching 56 or 57%.

This overpayment, if continued, will ultimately take away our ability to be truly “agile” in the areas of new product development, expanding to new markets, and providing you with the finest support structure in the industry. As has been true from the beginning, our goal is to be the BEST in every area of operation. Some funds, currently allotted to the cap overpayment, can correctly be redirected to the strengthening of Agel’s core functions.

This improved administration of the plan will further encourage and foster leadership growth. Further development of leadership is critical as we take yet another step along the path of improvement, and is necessary for Agel to assume a position of prominence (and then dominance) in the industry.

In particular, these simple changes will create a significant added incentive for our emerging leaders to qualify as Directors. All higher ranks are based upon the number of qualified Directors in a given organization, so creating a real incentive for your up-and-comers to move from Senior Manager to Director in a timely fashion should have an immediate positive impact.

Based on the input of our field leaders, we will soon be enacting the following corrections to the plan:

1.    We will begin paying the Leveraged Matching Bonus at the Director level at a rate of 25% of the Commissionable Volume (CV) of their 1st generation of personally sponsored team members.

2.    Each rank above Director will receive 7% of the Commissionable Volume (CV) of one additional generation below their personally sponsored team members, not to exceed 7 total generations. (See chart below for more detail.)

This is actually a minor and straightforward correction to our  compensation Plan.  But it is one that will make the plan – and your business – better for the long term. The Fast Start Commissions, Executive and Car Bonuses, Travel Opportunities, and other commissions will all stay the same as they are now.

We recognize that these changes will have an impact on the payout for some of our valued team members over the short term and ask for your help and understanding.  To help make your transition easier, we’ve agreed to postpone implementing these changes until June 1, 2008, affecting the July 15th payout.  This ensures that any serious leader who would be affected has an ample period of time to get to the Director rank.

We are confidant that these are the right changes to make and that they will ultimately contribute to the ongoing strength of the company, to its overall growth, and to your long-term financial security with Agel.  We have had an extraordinary first two years.   We’re taking these actions now to ensure that the next 100 are even better!

Your partner in success,
Glen Jensen
CEO and Founder
Agel Enterprises, LLC

Agel's Corrected Matching Bonus Chart

Agel's Corrected Matching Bonus Chart

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