Acai Berry Crushed

by louabbott on March 25, 2009

NEW YORK – Published March 25, 2009

When claims that a particular food is particularly good for you start showing up in your spam filter, that’s a good sign you should be wary.

So it is with the acai berry. Acai juice contains lots of antioxidants. It’s good for you, no doubt. But all fruit juices, and lots of other foods, contain antioxidants. There’s no reason to think that acai is some kind of magical elixir.

But the people selling it (and not just the spammers) would have you believe otherwise. MonaVie, a company that sells acai juice for $40 a bottle (!) issued the results of a study that supposedly proves acai’s special properties.

Marion Nestle isn’t moved
. Here is the nutritionist’s reading of the study’s conclusions: “The antioxidants in MonaVie act like antioxidants in the test tube and in the body, and they work better than potato starch, which has no antioxidants. Why am I not surprised? This is a study sponsored by the manufacturer.”

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