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by louabbott on August 27, 2010

“How advertising just one link can solve the 4 largest problems for network marketers and give you 6 more sources of income…”

We had a huge group of subscribers last night intrigued by the above title and attended the first live webinar on our recently expanded MLMtwt ( / BBF  (Beautiful Business Formula) affiliate program.

If you missed it . . .

We recorded it!   See the player to the right.

…But not without a small technical difficulty toward the beginning – the slides weren’t advancing.  But stick with me as we got it all figured out and flowing with all of the valuable information within the first few minutes.

Of particular importance, take time to understand the “4Cs” (the four largest challenges) of every network marketer and how our affiliate program solves those.

See also, an interview with two of our new affiliates who are enjoying cash flow already from this system!

Note also, that it’s so easy to qualify to participate . . .

A one-time investment in one of the entry level MLMtwt products qualifies you for life!

Choose the additional benefits of either the Beautiful Business Formula for $39.95, or MLM The Whole Truth and Special Report and Course for $67 which also includes the Beautiful Business Formula.

Next Week’s Webinar:

Why I Declared War on MLM Hype, Lies & Distributor Ignorance

Thursday, September 2, 2010 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM EDT

After sharing the true, and maybe “shocking” for you, stories that lead to the MLM the Whole Truth Special Report and Course, this will be mostly a question and answer for anyone interested in the real solutions.
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