Dr. Daria Davidson Reveals – How to Recruit Medical Professionals

by louabbott on November 7, 2009

Is your network marketing business one that would benefit from having lots of respected doctors on board telling others about your company and products?

Dr. Daria Davidson is extremely well qualified to teach you how to approach and talk to medical professionals about your health and wellness MLM  business…

  • She practiced emergency medicine for 20 years, spending 11 years running a Level 1 Trauma Center and personally treated over 70,000 patients.

  • She has held many teaching appointments including the Center for Disease Control (the CDC) in Atlanta, and adjunct professorships at Wichita State University and Oklahoma State University

  • several years on the board of the American Heart Association (AHA) including a term as President.

  • Now double board-certified in emergency medicine and holistic medicine.

So how does someone like that become a top-earning Network Marketer? Dr. Daria will tell her fascinating story of how she added huge network marketing success to her already long list of accomplishments.

Then, she will train on how to recruit others like her!

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