Zurvita Facts, News and Review

by louabbott on November 7, 2009

“Win at Every Level With the Zurvita” Network Marketing Opportunity

…more than a saying or slogan. Everyone at Zurvita, including owners, executives, and the type of Marketing Representatives that we attract, has an overriding purpose that is about much more than money. It is about helping each other win – professionally, financially, spiritually. We are one big team of people who want to see you win.” — Zurvita website

Zurvita Product line: natural gas and electricity through MX energy; accessible, convenient and affordable healthcare services; discounted rates on computer and technology support; onsite discount program on everyday purchases and services; ZURVITA Virtual Mall; Zurvita Home Guard provides protection against unexpected expensive repairs or replacement of existing home appliances and home systems regardless of age, make or model; Zurvita Protection protects you  against today’s most common legal issues and security concerns.

New product: “Zeal for Life” is marketed as a 90 day challenge support by a product called Zeal for Life Wellness Formula,  an all-in-one natural nutritional blend that gives you the most bang for your nutritional buck. In fact, it would take 56 different pills to give you the nutritional value of one six-ounce serving of Zeal. See: Zeal Facts

Founded: March 2008

Founder: Mark Jarvis, CEO [previously a “7-figure” field leader in Ameriplan]

Ownership: Zurvita Holdings, Inc. (ZRVT)

Zurvita Compensation Plan: appears to be a Unilevel plan that pays 5% up to 8 levels; fast start and pack bonuses, etc.

See: http://www.zurvita.com/pdfs/Compensation_Plan.pdf

Income claims video:  see http://youtu.be/B-FBRKQ0-X0

Policies and Procedures

Zurvita Company Site

Zurvita Rep Support:

Houston, TX

Terms of Agreement “will be governed by and construed with the laws of the State of Delaware…”

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Paul Turov April 10, 2010 at 3:32 pm Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

I’m a little over two weeks in Zurvita. Got my first check today. Starting to build a killer team. I gotta say that Zurvita seems to be positioned in the right market place with their choice of products and services. And to top it off their Local Ad Links product has been working very well for my clients who have enrolled in the Ad links program.


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