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by louabbott on February 19, 2013

“Everyone is looking for better health along with more financial and time freedom; with Zija, you can have it all!”Zija Mission Statement

In 2006, our mission to help people live more healthy was sparked by our passion for the miracle tree called Moringa. After combining all the nutritious parts of this life-giving tree for months in our formulation labs, we chose our unique and proprietary blend of Moringa for its supreme nutritional profile—a complete plant protein, including antioxidants, omega oils, vitamins and minerals. Our original product started out as the Smart Drink, but continues to inspire every product we make. –Zija website

Founded: 2006

Founder: Kenneth Brailsford

President and CEO: Rodney Larsen

zija orchardProducts:  “world’s most respected Moringa products’ including  nutritionals, energy, weight loss, and skin care products

Zija Compensation Plan: a binary plan with ‘First Order’ ‘bonuses, Builder’ bonuses’  and matching bonuses on up to on up to 8 generations.

Zija Policies and Procedures – as of 2/19/2013 – This is important to know (in any company you join) . . .


A. Company Distributors may participate in other direct selling or network marketing or multilevel marketing ventures (collectively “network marketing”), and Distributors may engage in selling activities related to non-Company products and services if they desire to do so. However, if a Distributor elects to participate in another network marketing opportunity, in order to avoid conflicts of interest and loyalties, Distributors are prohibited from unauthorized recruiting, which includes the following:

B. During the term of this agreement, any actual or attempted recruitment or enrollment of Company Customers or Distributors for other network marketing business ventures, either directly or through a third party. This includes but is not limited to: presenting or assisting in the presentation of other network marketing business ventures to any Company Customer or Distributor, or implicitly or explicitly encouraging any Company Customer or Distributor to join other business ventures. Because there is an extreme likelihood that conflicts will arise if a Distributor operates two network marketing programs, it is the Distributor’s responsibility to first determine whether a prospect is a Zija Customer or Distributor before recruiting or enrolling the prospect for another network marketing venture.

C. For a period of twelve (12) months following the cancellation of a Distributor or Preferred Customer Agreement, the former Distributor or Preferred Customer may not recruit any previous Personal Enrollees to another network marketing company. They may NEVER recruit anyone that was not a Personal Enrollee. Producing or offering any literature, tapes or promotional material of any nature for another network marketing company which is used by the Distributor or any third person to recruit Company Customers or Distributors for that business venture is agreed to as forbidden.

Zija Guarantee:  a good one . . .

All Customers and/or Distributors have a thirty (30) day, 100 percent satisfaction guarantee with their initial order. The initial order is defined as the first order of product(s) made on the account. The company will refund 100 percent of the purchase price minus shipping and handling.

Zija corporate site

Zija offices:

3300 N. Ashton Blvd, Suite 100
Lehi, UT 84043

Corporate Office (801) 494-2300
Distributor Support (866) 913-9452
Monday – Thursday 7am – 9pm (MST)
Friday 7am-11pm (MST)
Saturday Noon – 4pm (MST

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