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by louabbott on October 12, 2009

aka YTB International, Inc | YTB Travel | Your Travel Biz

YTB Travel “was founded in 2001 in greater St. Louis by J. Lloyd Tomer. His vision is to build the largest online travel company in the world while changing the lives of tens of thousands of people in the process The company mission is to be the largest on line travel company By 2011. The number 1 selling product is travel. Since the inception the company has merged with and is now a publicly traded company. ” — YTB International website

“Rep commissions are paid exclusively on the enrollment of new Referring Travel Agents (RTAs) and on their monthly license fees.” — Your Travel Biz website

Trading Symbol: OTCBB: YTBLA.OB

Compensation Plan: interesting concept based on building a team of 6 RTAs, then a ‘Power Team’, then a ‘Dream Team.’  Download the comp plan

YTB Company Site

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