Youngevity Facts, News and Review

by louabbott on November 7, 2009

Youngevity® is the only network marketing company to have two authorized FDA Health Claims …

“Youngevity® is a name synonymous with worldwide health, beauty, and youthful energy! For more than forty years it has been our founder, Dr. Joel Wallach’s mission to bring accurate and timely health information to the world.

These petitions are expensive and time consuming to file, we do this in an effort to provide more truthful health information to the general public for better health. Youngevity® Essential Life Sciences is a nutritional company dedicated to improving lifestyles by promoting vibrant health and flourishing economics.”

Ownership: AL Global Corporation

Founder & Chairman: Dr. Joel Wallach BS DVM ND

Co-Founder: Dr. Ma Lan

Compensation Plan: Unilevel with fast start bonuses. Download the comp plan pdf here

Main Products:
Majestic Earth® line of liquid colloidals and vitamins

At least part of Youngevity’s growth has come by acquisition of other companies.  Other companies or brands now under the Youngevity banner include: Tru Chocolate, Mineral Makeup, Suzanne, Soul Purpose, SupraLife, ProJoba, NuVANTE, Tidal WAve, The Balance Company, PureWorks, Ancient Legacy, OvatioN Lifestyles, Isola Luce and most recently, Ethos Environmental.

Youngevity company site

Youngevity Policies & Procedures

2400 Boswell Road
Chula Vista, CA  91914

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