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by louabbott on February 6, 2012

“Through the Body by Vi Challenge and the products that support it, ViSalus provides life-transforming Health benefits from weight loss and fitness milestones, to better overall health and wellness to enjoy life to the fullest.” –Visalus Website

Founded: 2005

Co-Founder and CEO: Ryan Blair

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer: Blake Mallen

Co-Founder & Royal Ambassador: Nick Sarnicol

Main Products: Weight loss shakes and nutrition and energy products. Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix; NEURO Smart Energy Drink; Vi-pak, for anti-aging and cellular support; Vi-pak Anti-Aging & Energy System

ViSalus™ is challenging the world to look at health differently…We challenge YOU to make your health a priority for at least 90 days using our Body by Vi™ Challenge.

Marketing Twist: Product results are motivated by a powerful 90 Day Challenge which also provides lots and lots of testimonials. The “3 for Free” customer acquisition incentive motivates both customers and distributors to take the challenge with others.

The Body by Vi™ Challenge offers over $25,000,000 in total prize value for our most impressive 90-day transformations.

Each quarter we select 1 Male, 1 Female, 1 Couple, 1 Team, 1 Family and 1 Lottery selection as our Body by Vi™ Challenge Champions and reward them with a Transformation Vacation AND a free tropical Cruise! Our Runners-Up in each category win free cruises too, all part of over $10,000,000 a year in total prize value!

ViSalus Compensation Plan:  A hybrid unilevel plan that pays 5% up to 8 compressed levels with generational bonuses at the higher leadership levels; plus direct sales and personal customer commissions, the “3 for Free” incentive, fast start bonuses on 1st orders, promoter’s pool, BMW car bonus program, and more.  See: ViSalus Comp Plan PDF

ViSalus Sciences®
1607 E. Big Beaver Rd. Suite 110
Troy, MI 48083


ViSalus Website

 Editor Comments:
(Disclosure: I have no financial interest in ViSalus.)

While Visalus started in 2005, it wasn’t really until last year, 2011 that they really took off. Reportedly, they were doing about $10 million in annual revenues in 2010 but soared to over $230 million the next year. Every new company talks about entering “momentum’ but few really do. That is evidence that Visalus has pulled all of the pieces together in an extraordinary way. —Lou Abbott, February, 2012

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Gary Hiles March 22, 2012 at 12:44 am Thumb up 1 Thumb down 0

Hi Lou, love the site. I am joining Visalus after 10 months of researching every company. I have never seen momentum likes this and the leaders moving over is incredible. I am partnering with 5 Star Ambassador Tara WILSON. I am in Australia and the company has stated it is coming here next but no official start date. Do you have any tips of pre prelaunch building?



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