Traveling Vineyard Facts, News and Review

by louabbott on November 2, 2009

“At The Traveling Vineyard, we are passionate about wine and our mission is simple – To share our enthusiasm for wine with as many people as possible, while demystifying the wine tasting and selection process.

“We strive to bring people together in a relaxed, home environment, providing hosts and their guests with an entertaining and informative wine tasting experience, as well as build relationships and strengthen friendships while rewarding hosts with a generous rewards program and consultants with fun, friendships, fulfillment, flexibility and financial reward along with the ability to learn and share their love of wine.”

Founded: 2001

In 2001, we created The Traveling Vineyard as a unique in-home Wine Tasting concept similar to a Tupperware party or Pampered Chef show.

The difference? Well… tasting wine is a lot more fun and everybody likes to have a home wine tasting!

President and CEO – Rick Libby

Model:  Party Plan

The Traveling Vinyard Company Site

4 South Main St
Suite 2
Ipswich, MA 01938


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