Tahitian Noni Facts, News and Review

by louabbott on October 31, 2009

Tahitian Noni International (TNI), formerly known as Morinda, was founded in 1996 with main product being
Tahitian Noni juice.  TNI, as of March 2006, claims $3 billion in cumulative sales.

“Monthly Revenue $40,000 in sales the first month, $1 million in the fourth month, $5 million in the ninth
month, $10 million by TNI’s 2-year mark in June 1998, $15 million in November 1998, $20 million in March 1999, $25 million in May 1999 (still not even 3 years of operation), $30 million in December 1999, $35 million in March 2001 (in less than 5 years of operation), $40 million in June 2003, $41 million in September 2003, $2 billion cumulative sales in June 2003;  Money paid back to distributors: $1 billion cumulative as of September 2003.

Awards 2003 Best of State award in Utah, 2002 Inc. 500’s #26 fastest-growing company, 2002 Touted by
Griffin-Hill, an independent marketing research firm, as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America with fewer than 10 companies equaling TNI’s growth, 1997 Finalist Western Regional U.S.
Entrepreneur of the Year” — Tahitian Noni International / Morinda web site

Wholesale Corporate Revenue
as of 2008:
approx. $450 million

Distributors: approx. 500,000

Ownership: Morinda Holdings, Inc.

TNI Comp Plan: Unilevel with Fast Start bonuses on 5 compressed generations

Average Incomes

TNI Company Site

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