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by louabbott on November 1, 2009

“Success Learning Systems Inc., dba Success University™ is fully funded and technically backed by a multi-million dollar Internet marketing and technology firm that has
supported the Network Marketing industry for the past two and a half years.”

Success University™ was formed by the collaboration of works from more than 50 of the world’s top authors, speakers, and educators from the discipline of personal achievement including Brian Tracey, Jay
Abraham, Cynthia Kersey, Jim Cathcart, Les Brown, Jeffery Combs, Robert Allen, Tony Alessandra and many others who have collectively helped millions of people achieve success.

Our classrooms are anywhere in the world where students have access to a computer. Success University™ utilizes every delivery system available in today’s high-tech world through the use of virtual conferencing classrooms, interactive settings, automated e-mail, streaming audio and video and other powerful communication systems that were not available to educators even as recently as a few years

With this type of distance learning, students never need to leave the privacy of their homes or offices to attend classes at Success University’s virtual classrooms.

The founders of SU are active in the on-going development of this powerful, life-changing technology, and will continue to add to the offerings as new systems are created.” –company Web Site

Compensation Plan: Modified Binary comp plan with Fast Start Bonuses

Monthly requirements: $49.50 per month, 1 new customer per month

Success University Company Site

Success University
13601 Preston Road Ste.
650 East Tower
Dallas, TX 75240
Matt Morris, President and CEO
Jeremy Vaught, Chief Technical Officer
Jimmy Bellew, Chief Operations Officer

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