Spiritual Water Facts, News and Review

by louabbott on November 1, 2009

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“Spiritual Water got more attention and recognition, than a celebrity gets from the paparazzi.”

SpiritualH2O –  born as purified bottled water with spirituality, positive thinking, prayers, and belief in God. You choose which fits your needs and your feelings, read the prayer, drink the water, believe in God, Believe in yourself, and the sky’s the limit …

Founded: end 2007

Founder & CEO: Elicko Taieb

Key Products: Balance, Focus, Defense, Control, Energy, Formula J’, Essential, Power, Refresh, Strength and Freedom Waters

Comp Plan: Weekly paying Unilevel compensation plan with 10% on 1st level and descending from there. ‘Spiritual’ car bonus. Autoship is recommended but not required. Download the Spiritual Water comp plan.

Spiritual Brands, Inc.

Florida Distribution / Pickup Center:
4500 North Hiatus Road. Suite #215
Sunrise, FL 33351 USA

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