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by louabbott on April 17, 2012

 “The story behind Seacret Direct is an interesting one and a classic American Dream success story.”

Two brothers immigrate from Israel and start their own business. Over the course of relatively few years, they find their niche.  They find they can do well selling products from kiosks in malls around the country. First, it’s imported helicopters, then nail care kits, adding other beauty products, and eventually a whole line of beauty products based on properties of the minerals found at the Dead Sea.

Here’s how Seacret describes their mission:

The Dead Sea’s minerals have been used for centuries to achieve the look of younger, more beautiful skin and our founders wanted to bring these rejuvenating powers to American consumers. After acquiring product-rights in 2005, we began selling our Dead Sea products throughout the United States and discovered that customers could not get enough of these extraordinary ingredients.One of Seacret Direct's masques

As sales began to skyrocket, we were able to diversify our product line. We continued to grow rapidly due to the combination of strong work ethic, a powerful product line, team dedication, and the growing demand for rare minerals from the Dead Sea.

We knew instantly that the way to truly create a growing movement and passion for entrepreneurship was to offer everyone the same opportunity we have and to allow others to benefit from our organization’s remarkable growth.

The focus at SEACRET™ is to help others reap the rewards of the American dream. We knew we do this providing them with the right financial vehicle backed by a world-class product line. We have already sold over $500,000,000 of SEACRET™ products through retail channels, and we know that this number is just the beginning.

With criticism of the super-aggressive sales techniques used by kiosk operators running high, Seacret made the decision in 2011 to enter the Network Marketing arena where their very successful product presentations could be brought into personal homes providing a much more pleasant customer experience.

It is not known how remaining mall locations will compete with the distributor force (cleverly called “Seacret Agents”) in the future.

CEO: Izhak Ben Shabat

Managing Partner: Moty Ben Shabat

Co Founder & President of Business Development: Robert Meirovich

Co Founder & V.P of Sales and Training: Betty Perez

Co Founder & V.P of Distributor Relations: Hayden Daughters

Executive VP: Michal Avniel

Seacret Compensation Plan: a non-flushing, hybrid binary that pays up to 15% on the smaller leg combined with up to 4 levels of matching bonuses, Luxury Car Bonus, Lifestyle Bonus, Rank Advancement Bonuses, etc.

Seacret Direct
3344 E. Camelback Road
Suite 100
Phoenix, AZ 85018
602-606-9503 – Local
877-680-9622 – Toll Free

Editor Comments:

As always, be sure to understand the cancellation policies before you join. There is no refund on a returned business kit after 3 days; products returned unopened are subject to a 10% restocking fee.

Pay particular attention to this very stringent non-compete term on the Seacret Agent Application (but not worded the same way in P&Ps):

22. During the term of the SEACRET Agent Agreement, Associates may not, directly or indirectly, sell to or solicit other products or services that may be offered by SD through any person or entity other than that specifically designated or approved in writing by SD. SA’s shall not, during their relationship with SD, and for a period of one (1) year thereafter, directly or indirectly, divert, entice, knowingly call upon, sell or solicit, take away or move any customer of SD, whether or not the SA originally procured or brought such customer to SD (such activities are collectively referred to herein as ‘Solicitation’). All customers solicited by SA’s on behalf of SD are deemed to be customers of SD, and not of its SA’s. SA’s understand that such non-solicitation prohibition shall be strictly enforced, and that SD’s suppliers shall be a third party beneficiary of this prohibition, as well as any proprietary and confidential information provided to SD which in turn is received by SA’s. Further, during the term of the SA Agreement, and for a period of one (1) year thereafter, SA’s may not enter into a direct marketing relationship with any competitor of SD. During the term of this Agreement and for a period of one (1) year thereafter, SA’s may not solicit an SD SA, whether active, inactive, individual or entity, to participate in a network marketing program offered by any other company, regardless of whether or not such network marketing company offers competing products or services. Without limiting in any way SD’s right to pursue all rights and remedies available to it, violation of this covenant and condition will result in, but is not limited to forfeiture of all distributorship rights, including all current and future commissions, bonuses and payments of any kind.

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