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by louabbott on March 23, 2012

Download a Free, pre-activated prescription discount card

“In a flash of brilliance, expert training and lead generation systems designer, Beatty Carmichael, figured out how anyone can very simply distribute these  free Discount Prescription Cards to medical facilities and earn up to $1,000 a month.

Build a team and earn considerably more!

nudayo free discount pharmacy savings card

Click here to print your own pre-activated discount prescription card. Absolutely no charge for this service.

“Each month approximately 450,000,000 prescriptions are purchased in the USA. Around 90,000,000 of these are by people who pay full retail price because they don’t have health insurance that covers prescriptions. Nudayo offers the highest discount prescription card on the market, saving customers an average of 59.3% on their prescriptions. Simply distribute the cards for free and you can earn a significant income!”– Nudayo prelaunch website

What’s Unique:  With no selling, phone calls, meetings, etc., distributors are paid ongoing residual income by pharmacies, not downline participants.  The business is driven by the 90,000,000 prescription sales each month to uninsured people.

All you do is distribute  ‘sizzle’ cards offering free prescription discounts that save people a lot of money, but does not cost them one red cent.

Founder: Tim Henderson

Nudayo’s Backend Systems: presentation, capture pages, marketing and training systems by Beatty Carmichael of Success Products.

 The Nudayo Marketing and Recruiting Mastery training course (available for an extra monthly fee) offers a very unusual guarantee: you will sponsor at least 15 new associates into your Nudayo business in 6 months … or we’ll pay you $1,000 CASH! (less commissions earned).

Nudayo Compensation Plan:  Works like a very powerful 2 level affiliate program with overrides and bonuses:

  1. Pays on all personal prescription claims generated (not just “compensatory” claims)
  2. Pays an additional claims override on retail affiliates on your team and all of your personally sponsored affiliates’ claims
  3. Leadership Fast Start [coded] Bonuses – to unlimited depth
  4. Leadership Override Pools
  5. Diamond Leadership Overrides
  6. Diamond Founder Revenue-Share Ownership

Nudayo Comp Plan PDF Download

Download a Free, pre-activated prescription discount card

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louabbott April 6, 2012 at 8:27 am Thumb up 1 Thumb down 0

My wife would never work a typical MLM or Network Marketing program. She doesn’t like “selling” to friends (or anyone else, for that matter).

But she is all over this idea and I am thrilled to help her!


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