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by louabbott on October 29, 2009

Company Site

NHT Gobal, formerly known as Lexxus International, also previously owned Kaire …

“The NHT Global division is one of the fastest growing direct selling companies in the world with the creation
and distribution of revolutionary personal care products with an emphasis on skin care. Founded in 2001, NHT Global in only five (5) short years has expanded into multiple countries worldwide with products being sold through independent distributors …Natural Health Trends Corp. is a direct selling company involved in the distribution and sale of revolutionary personal care products with an emphasis on skin care, lifestyle enhancement products and health and wellness products.

Revenues for Natural Health Trends Corp. are approximately US$133 million in 2004.

Natural Heath Trends Corp. continues to implement its business model around the world by providing an exceptional business opportunity in multiple markets around the world. We set the pace in the direct
selling industry.

The corporate headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas.”  –company site


Market Watch Profile on NHT Global, Natural Health Trends Corp., Lexxus

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