Vemma, (New Vision) Facts, News and Review

by louabbott on October 30, 2009

New Vision is now Vemma . . .

For 16 years, New Vision has been committed to providing products to better your health and business. That’s why we continually assess our operations based on trends established by our Team Members and Consumers. After careful consideration, we’ve decided to transfer New Vision business operations to our sister Company, Vemma Nutrition Company.

Famous for it’s rapid growth with the all-time hit product Colloidal Minerals the the massive use of the Dead Doctors Don’t Lie audio tape, “New Vision was created in 1995 by the Boreyko family to achieve a mission: enrich the quality of families’ lives..” — old New Vision website

With new headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ, and a full line up of nutrition products, New Vision is open in US,
Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Singapore and Malaysia.

The Boreyko family also owns the new startup Mangosteen juice company, Vemma, and SevenPoint2

New Product Line – Bod•ē Weight Loss App, products and shakes – WHEY Protein shake infused with 65 trace minerals, 12 full-spectrum vitamins, wild-crafted whole-fruit mangosteen, organic aloe vera, and nearly 1 GRAM of premium omega-3 fatty acids … and it literally tastes like ice-cream

Vemma Comp Plan: a binary with fast start bonuses.  See: Vemma Compensation Plan

Vemma Company Site


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