Netrix Facts, News and Review

by louabbott on October 30, 2009

Company Site

“Three year old company, Netrix, Inc. dba Multiple Income Solutions (MIS) is a privately held, debt-free corporation headquartered in  Fort Pierce ,  Florida.

The patented compensation plan of this company pays 3 to 5 times the typical pay structure of any network marketing company around.

The company’s mission is not to only create one million ToxicFree™ households… company will be launching infomercials nationally in the spring of 2005 and looking to expand their sales force to service the expected new 40 to 50,000 per month customer base… The infomercials will be based on the VivaCare(TM), ToxicFree(TM) Anti-Aging Skin Care line.”  –company web site  12/04

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