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by louabbott on October 30, 2009

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“The MPM Motto is simple: Harnessing The Power Of Online Spending To Change Lives! Ginny Dye, our Founder & CEO, sketched out a new way to utilize the $500,000 computer system she and a team of 60 dedicated people have been developing and utilizing for almost five years. She knew that 97% of people who try to find financial freedom through a home-based business fail. MY POWER MALL would be different!

  • FREE so every person who wants to change their lives would have a chance.
  • It’s simple.
  • Takes away all the “business games” that keep most people from succeeding in a home-based business.

MPM is totally committed to changing the world. 6.5% of all corporate profits go into the One-Child-At-A-Time program helping needy children all over the country.

  • Our program will be used to help raise funds for Non-profit organizations, schools and churches all over America.
  • We are also proud to be partnered with Together We Can Change The World Day, a company committed to mobilizing millions to work in their communities the first Saturday of every month.

By becoming part of MY POWER MALL you are joining a much larger Family of people committed to making a difference in the world. Your achieving financial freedom excites us because we know we are helping to change your life! We hope that as you gain financial freedom you will find your own ways to give back!”
— MY POWER MALL website

Founded: 2007
Founder & CEO: Ginny Dye
Executive Director: Gordon Owens
Director of Marketing & Media: Gary Goodspeed
Key Products: Everyday products that people buy through their own mall online

9 Tier (level) rebate system on purchases on any product through the power mall with 7% on1, 14% on 2, 29% on 3, 35% on 4 and 3% on 5 through 9 based on an average rebate of 7% per purchase.

Product Starter Packs: N/A, no sign up fee.

1941 Lake Whatcom Blvd #207
Bellingham, WA 98229
No telephone number available on web site

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