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by louabbott on October 15, 2009

“Humanity has been waiting for MonaVie. And Mona Vie has a mission–a daunting one.

It begins with helping people enjoy a greater degree of wellness. MonaVie delivers dense, abundant, powerful nutrients that are transforming lives with remarkable swiftness! …

The most renowned ingredient, the legendary Acai Berry, is one of the few Brazilian exports that can directly protect the mighty rainforest itself. As word of the extraordinary benefits of drinking MonaVie reaches across nations and oceans, harvesting the rainforest FRUITS will become wiser Brazilian commerce than harvesting the trees themselves.”  — MonaVie company web site

Founded: January, 2005

Products: MonaVie is the first popular Acai berry juice.  MonaVie E, new in June 2009, is reportedly formulated with Palatinos a natural carbohydrate energy source that provides longer lasting energy and is made with 80% juice from seven healthful fruits, including acai, acerola, camu camu and cupuacu.

Founded by: Dallin Larsen,  former Usana VP of sales, Dynamic Essentials VP (from From December of 2001 until February of 2003)(closed by FDA), and owner of Monarch Health Sciences.

Co-founders: Randy Larsen and Henry Marsh.

President: Dell Brown

VP of Research & Product Development: Dr. Shawn Talbott

Comp Plan: Hybrid Binary compensation plan pays 10% on weaker leg weekly with ‘Bulk Order’ and ‘First Order’ bonuses; Incentives to buy 200 in PV per 4-week period. Also includes a variable percentage, 7 level, unilevel check match bonus. Guaranteed 50% GV payout. Allows up to 4 business centers.

MonaVie Product Study

Download MonaVie Compensation Plan here

MonaVie Company Site

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michael ampoful December 3, 2011 at 8:59 am Thumb up 0 Thumb down 1

Am Michael Ampoful from Ghana, i am a businessman and a net worker. I have been in business for the past eight(8) years.
The day that i saw the amazing product and the business plan of Mona vie, I wasn’t able to sleep the whole night for that reason i want Mona vie as the fastest growing industry to be in Ghana and the rest of Africa countries. I thank God for the love and care Mona vie is sharing to the people of Brazil and the rest.
God bless Mona vie, God bless the Leadership Board and God bless the Scientific Advisory Board.
I am standing on behave of Ghana and Africa saying that we need Mona vie to be here with us, to bring good health and wealth to the people.
Is time for Mona vie to once again show their love, care and understanding to come to Ghana and Africa as a whole.
Four days ago, i spoke with Ghana food and drug board about does and they are ready to Mona vie products and what it does and they are ready to welcome Mona vie to Ghana.
The man of DECISION can not be stopped, as Mona vie is having decision to help and care for people can’t be stop.
We are waiting to see Mona vie in Ghana and Africa as a whole. Stay blessed and thank you. +233 20-444-7881,


APM Healthy Juices November 3, 2010 at 6:41 pm Thumb up 2 Thumb down 5

Monavie is the first mln company I’ve tried and so far I can honestly say that the system works. The company pays on time every time. I can’t say that I haven’t being provided with the tools necessary to succeed in the business. They provide lots of information on how to build your business and offer numerous web base training on their Monavie University to help you get started.

What I find so amazing about this company is that they don’t required you to buy unnecessary tools or products to promote your business, instead you buy what you need for your own personal use or what you are sharing with others. Their compensation is solid and keeping the cost balance helps me go at my own speed without having to invest so much money upfront.


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