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by louabbott on October 30, 2009

Melaleuca Incorporated, founded in 1985 by 25-year tenured CEO Frank VanderSloot, with Alan & Roger Ball, innovated the trademarked Consumer Direct Marketing™ concept that has propelled Melaleuca through 25 years of  growth.

One of the most proven and time-tested home-based business concepts in the world, Melaleuca offers to their catalog customers more than 300 safe, environmentally-friendly, effective and cost competitive personal care, home cleaning, laundry, cosmetic, skin care, and nutraceutical products.

Ownership: Privately Held – Overview

Founder and CEO: Frank VanderSloot

Mr. VanderSloot is a controversial personality in the multilevel marketing industry (which he claims Melaleuca is no part of).

Frank VanderSloot’s own site
Two ex-Melalueca high level leaders discuss Mr. VanderSloot and their lawsuits with Melaleuca and him.

Products: approx. 300 safer household cleaning, personal care, wellness care products

Melaleuca Compensation Plan: basically an old style, 5 x 7 matrix plan that pays 7% of the point value of the products up to 7 levels deep.  There are also a myriad of fast start, growth bonuses and car allowances.

Note: Be sure to inquire about the ongoing requirements to earn “Leadership Points” in order to earn even all of your residual income. And, as with every company, be sure to read the Policies and Procedures carefully and understand what you can and can’t do if you ever decide to build another business with another company or want to sell your business.
Also, Google “Melaleuca Lawsuits“.

Melaleuca Company Site

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lynn January 23, 2013 at 9:09 pm Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Shocking Story….
WHO is the Company Melaleuca who seems to say they are the WELLNESS COMPANY MELALEUCA INC ???

The 15th of December 2012 , MELALEUCA took the total amount of our monthly commissions from ( Visalus Science )

Then on the 24th of December 2012 , we receive by e-mail and Seizure from a Michigan Court informing us that Melaleuca has decided to take and seize the total of our earnings from Visalus Science and ,a little later on the same day ,we received 2 other letters from UPS stating that Melaleuca is taking every dollar we have to our last cent for this is our Primrary salary and ,we have no other revenue that come to us other than the commissions we had with Visalus Science.
From what we have been told in the U.S.A., there is a law that specifies that they can seize a maximum of 25 % of commissions earned and not 100 % like Melauca has done.

We forwarded this to Melaleuca and they did not even answer us ,I don’t even know if they looked at what we sent them.

And another major thing is all the legal documents that we have received so far have been sent to us strickly in english and by e- mail ,yet we are in Canada and we are here in Québec and my spoken and written language is French .So I think this is also not legal on there part they could
atleast have it transalated for us to understand .
Furthermore, all the legal documents that we received were solely in english. We live in Québec, where the language laws specifically stipulate that all legal documents must be written in french (law 101) .

Melaleuca has been causing us problems and headaches and want to completly destroy us and this has been going on for over a year now.

I Left Melaleuca in September of 2009 and it was definitive and then I had decided to join Visalus Sciences on the 24th of Feburary 2011 as an Independant Promoter of the 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge .

Here is my spouse and my Story:
All was going very well until the day came that we enrolled the daughter of a Executive Director of Melaleuca Inc.

After several months ,not talking to each other ,a friend of ours who was an Executive Director for Melaleuca sent us a e-mail ,then he decided to telephone us asking if my spouse and myself would go to his house and give his daughter , who never worked for or not even a Melaleuca client ,and also not living at her parents house since a long time.

Well, after the video presentation ,she liked the concept and decided to become a Visalus Science Promoter. Her dad who happens to be a Melaleuca Executive Director said that he would help his daughter and put her on the right track with her new business with Visalus Science.

So M. …L decided to go see a member of his Melaleuca team . That Melaleuca team member had some kind of a problem with is Melaleuca team .
Mister L wanted to help his friend
., but Mister D, did not want to beleive mister L.
That Mister L was doing this to help his daughter J… Mister D did not loose any time and advised Melaleuca of the situation.

As for my spouse ,he does not contact people in anyway at all, the only thing he does, he presents the 90 DAY BODY BY VI CHALLENGE FOR VISALUS SCIENCE, just like he used to do when he was with Melaleuca and thats it.

I am the person that enrolled Mister L daughter and she was placed under my organisation .

That when the problems started with Melaleuca .

Melaleuca contacted Mister L and insisted that he should present himself to the Melaleuca Main Office in Idaho Falls.
Melaleuca paid for his flight from Montreal – Quebec as well as his Hotel expense.

The following day he arrived and was questioned in every way possible by lawyers, notary’s for hours to almost drive him crasy, mister L and to be able to obtain what Melaleuca owed him in commissions .He had to give out some names of people that had also joined Visalus Science. So being under the pressure of the Melaleuca lawyers, notary etc, he had like no choice to give out some names because he really needed the money .Melaleuca had held back mister L’ s commissions .
So Mister L gave our names , but both of us , were no longer with Melaleuca when mister L gave Melaleuca our Names.

After giving names to Melaleuca, mister L got his due of 6000$ dollars but his business was confiscated by Melaleuca , Mister L had been building for the past 16 Years.

My spouse canceled is Independant marketing accord for Melaleuca and after that ,he joinded me in Visalus .
This is where Melaleuca decides to take action and accuse us of enrolling Mister L ,an Executive Director of Melaleuca Inc, which is totally false.
Melaleuca also claims that we tried to approch members and clients that were in our team from Melaleuca.That is false and we can prove it anytime.
People can enroll in Visalus just by getting into our website by themself.
My spouse and myself were still clients with my father until the 24 of December 2012 and that with proof, so funny Melaleuca takes LEGAL ACTION against their own clients .

The next step Melaleuca did ,was to take Legal Action against us .

And sued us for the amount of 55,000$ ( 27,500$ against my spouse and $27,500 against me ) as well as another person, that we don’t know but that also received the same legal document , that we did and is also sued for $27,500.
So let me tell you that with all these actions taken against us, it is driving me and my spouse totally CRAZY . We don’t sleep well since this has all started.
We are about to loose everything we own because of them.

While my spouse was an Independant worker for Melaleuca , he earned about 200.00$ monthly and the biggest amounts he would earn would be in the case if there was a promotion or somekind of a contest. My spouse being a very hard worker would try to win them in which he did win a few .
All in all over a period of 2 years my spouse earned a big 4700.00$
from Melaleuca, as we can see no matter what are the reasons they seem to be all good for them to take Legal Action . When we did and the highest rank we got to ,was Director 2 and for 1 month Director 3 .

I must also mention that we are something like ten or maybe more that Melaleuca has accused of enrolling Melaleuca Independant workers to signe up with Visalus Science or other types of Companies. I don’t know the story of the others ,but I sure do know ours ,and it is making me go crazy. We were no longer Melaleuca Independant Marketing Reps ,we were simply what they call a Privileged Client that means ,we could still buy their products as I said before yes I must admit they do have some very good products.

Nobody never ever spoke to us about these rules and regulations , and its normal because if they would nobody would sign up with Melaleuca knowing what they can turn around and to a person after, and we know people that have been with Melaleuca for years and did not know about these rules and regulations untill they heard about our story.

As for us we found out( 1 ) year ago when Melaleuca decided to take Legal Action against us.

The most important rules is clause 20 that go against freedom of choice , for we are what we call simply Independant Workers.
Our family and friends, are the first people that we contact to promote for new products .These persons are our clients.
Our clients can do what they want after all it’s a free contry in the U.S.A or Canada we stil have the liberty of choices to shop where ever we want.!

We are now being accused of rules and regulations that are not legal in Canada.
Melaleuca does business in fifteen countrys ans must
obey to the laws of each country’s,not only the laws of Idaho Falls
Melaleuca inc, took legal action against us in the U.S.A
We had no means, legally or financially of defending ourselves.
Furtheremore,their reasons for persuing us are ill-founded.
1)We were accused of having enrolled an excutive director.
This is false, we only enrolled his daughter.
We were accused of not complying with policies 20 .
2)We were accused of approaching Melaleuca members.
We advertise on the social media which is open to everyone,thus we do not approach the public,they contact us.
3)We were accused of causing a loss of revenue to melaleuca because certain members of Melaleuca joined Visalus for the body by vi 90 day challenge.
If member’s of melaleuca want’s to leave it probably because they dont make money in Melaleuca or they dont have any support from there up ligne !
If people wish to lose weight and become healthier with this challenge (which does not exist with Melaleuca) ,then what kind of people would we be to pick and choose those who we would help?
The body by vi challenge has helped millions of people in North America, from all ages, all nationallities,all social groups:
So should not every individual have the opportunity to choose what health regime they wish to addopt?
Melaleuca client or not?????
With Visalus Science the system is totally different because they supply us with a web site , so if someone was to see our website on our Facebook for example, all they have to do is go directly to our website and can watch a small video that will explain in general ,what Visalus is and they can then if they desire enroll themslef as a Cleint without even talking to me just like they did , Mister L that contacted me for his daughter.

So for example, if my friends , or members of my family or anyone else would want to become a client in my organisation .
Who am I to stop them or say NO ! They can because to top off things I have not been with Melaleuca since 2009.





All they want is to try and Sue as many people they can to try and make fast and easy $$$$$ with very ordinary and honest people like us.

Melaleuca has caused enough damage to people.

They like to do all behind our back they get their fun by doing that.

But when you read about who is Melaleuca they don’t give that impression of them.

Have you ever heard of stories that is like ours that concern Melaleuca and problems, you have had, then please let us know .
I have read several stories that are similar to ours concerning this company , so we strongly suggest that you join us as the more we are with similar stories the stronger we will be against this horrible situation. Because even if you story is different, they are all based on the same backgrounds.

I would like to point-out ,that we as independent promoters ,we all maid the success of Melaleuca and my god ,we can take them out too.

We are presentally being garnish for fifty-five thousand dollars.($55,000)
We will be in dept for the rest of our lives if we cannot stop this illegal maddness.
We need your opinons, and your feedback


Edward July 2, 2012 at 1:52 pm Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

@ Paula Wilson (not that she’s likely to read this, this many months later…):
I would say that the rep is just trying to avoid the oft-held belief that all MLM’s are bad. They may be somewhat ignorant about that issue- how it really applies to Melaleuca.
I’ve been an IBO or whatever they call them now, and a customer, currently inactive, though I do plan on re-activating at a later date. I don’t really intend on trying to make it work as a business, but enjoy the products & believe in the company whole heartedly.

It’s a good company to buy from, and I believe if the business side of things is something that your personality is geared for, and you’re willing to put the work into it, it will work for you. It is NOT a scam, that is for certain. If someone bills it as something it is not, that is not the company’s fault. (not that I believe they’re perfect or as pure as the wind-driven snow, always)


Neil Ashworth August 23, 2011 at 8:14 am Thumb up 2 Thumb down 0

Melaleuca’s compensation plan is based on a 5×7 matrix with income earned through 2 main sources; 7-20% on monthly orders placed by your personally enrolled customers and those introduced by your downline/customer base and “advancement bonuses” paid when your business grows. In addition, the company’s comp plan has at present around 21 other ways you can earn. You are correct in advising people to look in detail at the compensation plan and TOS and this is no different with any company – Melaleuca is designed to reward those who actively assist and help others to build their business. If you want to work for 12 months and walk away, it probably isn’t for you but if you want to build a solid residual with ongoing team support it is a pretty good fit in my opinion.

Neil Ashworth


Chuck May 9, 2011 at 10:45 pm Thumb up 2 Thumb down 0

compensation plan has gotten better since this was published. the company is giving away more money than it ever has.


Paula Wilson October 18, 2010 at 9:06 pm Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

Our experience of recently being prospected by Melaleuca reps is that they insist they are not an MLM but a “single” level comp plan and back that up by sending folks to the DSA’s website which does lists them as “single” level. Do you know if they have changed their comp plan to single level lately?


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