Liberty League Facts, News and Review

by louabbott on October 29, 2009

“Since its creation in 2001, Liberty League International has been one of the fastest-growing personal development companies in the world. Our expanding influence spans several continents and provides a powerful, positive force for generating financial and emotional wealth for our customers and associates. In addition, Liberty League is a major contributor to humanitarian efforts around the globe.

–Liberty League web site

Liberty League Update

In June 2009, as happens in many truly creative relationships, the two primary founders of Liberty League parted company. Shane Krider and many of the management staff, as well as almost all of the thousands of Associates around the world, transitioned across to a new organization, the Polaris Media Group. With that commenced an exciting sea of change in corporate values and a re-design of the amazing life changing products now on offer. Please visit us at the Polaris Media Group website to see what we mean.

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