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by louabbott on October 29, 2009

Imagine.. What would happen to your affiliate commissions if the manufacturer decided to cut out all the middlemen and gave those PROFITS to you.

Launching in Fall 2008

iNutrition is a well established manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor of high quality nutritional products, already successful and doing multiple millions of dollars in over 18 countries. Now, under new ownership, iNutrition is opening an MLM division to bring their established product line to the U.S.

Unlike 99.9% of other companies, iNutrition manufactures 699 of the 700 retail products!

CEO: Tim Connolly

health food, sports, weight loss and nutritional supplements

Costs to Join: Free.

iNutrition Compensation Plan:

Guarantee: 180 day 100% satisfaction guarantees for retail customers, members, and associates.

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