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by louabbott on November 6, 2009

iLearningGlobal.TV opens for pre-launch July 31, 2008

First-to-market with Hi-Def deliveryof a full library of online education material in convenient 7 to 15
minute segments. iLearningGlobal is reintroducing the apprenticeshipconcept for a new generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs.


Founder Chariman/CEO:
John McLelland

Bill Rowland, president of 2020 Companies

Richmond Flowers

Chief Learning Officer:
Brian Tracy, CEO Brian Tracy International

Comp Plan: 7 level
Unilevel with unlimited width pay 3%-7%. At 100,000 in volume in two legs, one achieves the “Ambassador” title and earns up to another 3% to infinity and may qualify to participate in Ambassador profit-sharing

iLearningGlobal Compensation Plan PDF here

Starter Kit: $29.95

Membership: month subscription, $79.95

iLearningGlobal Company Site

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John Chatman December 23, 2009 at 11:53 pm Thumb up 2 Thumb down 1

Hello My Friends,

It is my opinion that iLearningGlobal is perfectly situated to take advantage of a massive trend that is sweeping the globe right now. The trend to which is speak is continuing adult education delivered through the internet.

This is the phenomenon that is creating vast fortunes for such companies such as Phoenix University, Kaplan Colleges, and other online continuing education institutions. It is the same movement that will enable countless persons to advance in their careers and grow their small business by substantial margins.

Where iLearningGlobal (ILG) differentiates itself from the aforementioned companies is that while these other companies teach folks how to go out and get a job ILG’s focus is on Self Development and Business Success Strategies.

With world renown teacher Brian Tracy leading the charge as its Chief Learning Officer and a who’s who of the business world as faculty members ILG is perfectly positioned to lead the way in the new wave of online learning that is sweeping the nation and in fact the world.

The world class faculty includes such notable luminaries such as Bill Bartmann, Mark Victor Hansen, Jay Abraham, Alex Mandossian and other accomplished leaders so the integrity and quality of the education provided is unparalleled.

The income opportunity is unmatched within the world of network marketing. While other traditional network marketing companies struggle to pay out 50% of revenue to the field due to the high costs associated with manufacturing, storage, and shipping, ILG’s innovative product allows for a payout of 63% back into the field along with instantaneous delivery of the product via high speed HD video.

iLearningGlobal is in fact the most global company in the network marketing industry since you can access the opportunity and education through over 90 countries in the world today.

If you are looking to upgrade your skill set as a professional, grow your small business, or build a thriving international network marketing business then iLearningGlobal is certainly a great place to do it.

I can tell you from my own personal experience that the value I receive not only from the business but even more so from the education and self development I receive is nothing less than exceptional.

To Your Massive Success,

John Chatman


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