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by louabbott on October 21, 2009

“GeneWize’s LifeMap Nutrition System is the 1st comprehensive system of personalized nutritional supplement manufacturing based on genetic testing …DNA”

GeneWize Life Sciences is launching a ground-breaking health, wellness, and beauty products company based on guided health and personal care solutions based on your unique and personal genetic profile. Your formulations are 100 percent personalized . No more “one size fits all”.

Launch: August, 2008

Ownership: subsidiary of GeneLink, Inc. -founded in 1994

CEO: Monte E. Taylor

Chief Scientific Officer: Robert P.Ricciardi, Ph.D.

Executive Chairman: Dr. Bernard L. Kasten,Jr.

Compensation Plan: Binary comp plan with matching bonuses on your personally sponsored reps

Scientific Board Members: Robert P. K.Keller M.D. (not the Robert H. Keller of Max International, Robert Ricciardi Ph.D., Bernard Kasten M.D., RobertKagan M.D. F.C.A.P., Donald J. Cannon Ph.D., Harold Harrison M.D. Ph.D. F.C.A.P.

Financial Information: GNLK.OB

Products: Specialized genetically-guided and individualized Health Beauty & Wellness Products; Dermagenetics™ Skin Health Assessment, Dermagenetics Skin Care System™, Dermagenetics™ and the Life MapNutrition System™

GeneWize Life Sciences, Inc.
317 Wekiva Springs Rd.
Suite 200
Longwood, FL32779

GeneLink Inc.
Newport Financial Center
113 Povonia Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07310
Phone: 800-558-4363

Company Site

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hi ,iwill like to know if rep from gene wize,in union county or clouse ,too elizabeth,thank you let me know at 908 8683211


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