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by louabbott on October 23, 2009

ForeverGreen / Frequensea, Formerly Whole Living, Inc. and Brain Garden

“ForeverGreen began as a vision held by a single man. He saw potential in the industry beyond simple health and financial transformation.

He believed that within the industry was also the power for personal transformation. Putting the focus on the betterment of humanity.

That’s when he started thinking about chocolate. From all over the world, scientific studies from respected organizations were revealing that chocolate, long considered an indulgence, was actually something closer to an essential. In the summer of 2003, this discovery, along with that of other transformative products, became the basis for a network marketing business with the power to reach the heights of the original vision.

The executive team then poured all of their knowledge and passion into establishing ForeverGreen, a world-class network marketing business dedicated to positive transformation, not just in the checkbook, but in the body, in the mind, and in the spirit. ForeverGreen is transforming, with the original vision transforming into a reality every day.” — Company Website

Founded: May, 2004
Director, President, CEO and Chairman of the Board: Ronald Williams (formerly President of Whole Living Inc. / Brain Garden)

Products: Whole Food Products, Weight Management Products, 24 Karat Chocolate(R), ForeverYoung Essential Oils(TM), Personal Care products, Frequensea sea minerals, O3 World FORM weight loss product

Compensation Plan: Unilevel maximized by building 4 legs, Fast Start and Matching Bonuses

Ticker Symbol: OTCBB:FVRG.OB
Shares Outstanding: 11,908,328
Public Float: 2,865,549

Contact Info:
Orem, Utah 84057
Phone: 1-801-655-5500

ForeverGreen Company Site

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Mark Ensley September 27, 2011 at 5:01 pm Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

It’s great to see this post about ForeverGreen, a company that I have grown to love in the few months I have been a distributor since June 2011. I truly feel, like many of my fellow Rainmakers in process, home with ForeverGreen. The company principles: health, kindness and opportunity is in alignment with ME IT assignment to make the world a better place. I joined the team through ForeverGreen’s new hemp products division, Versativa. In August we launched a brand new exclusive whole raw food product called Inspirin – Inspired Wellness. It helps people lose the stress and ease the pain by providing the nutrients from two superfoods, i.e., hemp seed and marine phytoplankton. Check my blog website to learn more about it at HEMP HEMP Hooray !


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