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by louabbott on October 6, 2009

Company Site – Gone!

“Finally, the long awaited launch date for the 1StepSystem has been announced! Emails and phone calls have been pouring in at an unbelievable volume all day as a result of this exciting news.” The announcement was made today in a posting to all members of the 1StepSystem. According to the announcement, which was posted on the Member’s Home Page of the “1-StepSystem’s Virtual Back Office,”… “Our 1 Step System Pre-Launch is coming to a close, and what a pre-launch it has been. Our expectations for growth have been abundantly exceeded. Our official end to pre-launch will be on March 19th, along with the QA incentive. No doubt, big things ahead for all of us, we’ve only just laid the foundations for massive growth to follow. Our official Launch of the 1 Step System begins on March 20th.” –PR Post

Product is “The Ultimate Marketers Toolbox is your own personal digital library of the most effective marketing strategies known to man. With over 55 hours of digital audio and 1,192 pages of content it’s really hard to beat. True retail value of the “Ultimate Marketers Toolbox” $2,647.34.”

Comp plan: Aussie 2up

News Clips

Mlm Network Marketing Pros Are Switching To 1StepSystem [link removed]

PR Web February 27, 2006 — On January 13th, 2005 1StepSystem launched its new product the “Ultimate Marketing Tool Kit” which is blowing the doors off all MLM’s. Developed by Rod Stinson and Chris
Kohel, true pros in this business. Their idea was to develop a 100% automated sales system. 1StepSystem requires no selling, no calling, no answering questions or closing. Offering a free 30 minute Tele-Seminar explaining the product, really gives the prospect a grasp of how the 1StepSystem works.

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Mary Guariglia February 1, 2010 at 7:00 pm Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Yes this is one of the first companies I got into-first you had to pay through PayPal-so no official Credit card therefore no recourse to “de-fraud” under Reg Z!!! And you paid your upline sponsor first the $400! You did not even know what you bought until you paid the money first! (What was I thinking?) Apparently I was not thinking critically as I do now!

This type of scheme as well as others will not get me again or anyone else I am able to educate first and mentor!

Thanks for the posting that they are GONE! I am soosoooo pleased…!!
We all are working hard to protect the “unknowing” MLMer here!

Mary G


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