Carbon Copy Pro: What is it? What can you do with CCPro? How does it work?

by mitchelldillman on December 30, 2009

Carbon Copy Pro, Pro Elite – the “main marketing arm” for Wealth Masters International

Even if you’ve just started researching an Online Home Business, odds are, the words Carbon Copy Pro have come across your monitor. Those 3 words seem to be everywhere. Let’s take a few minutes to look closer into CCPro. We’ll examine what it is? What it can do for you, and if it actually works as advertised.

The History

Back in early 2005, after struggling in the traditional American work force and squandering thousands of dollars in the Network Marketing industry, a young man named Jay Kubassek  teamed up with another budding entrepreneur, Aaron Parkinson, to form what is now known as Carbon Copy Pro. Together with their colleague  and well known Network  Industry leader, Mike Dillard, CCPro has quickly become one of the most visible online marketing systems on the Internet.

What is it?

Carbon Copy Pro is a community of online marketers. It is an educational platform offering up-to-date training and ongoing support. CCPro offers its’ members what they call the Black Box (BIB), which is essentially, a professional online marketing system in a box. While there are some who have not achieved success with this system that now claim it to be a scam,  CCPro may very well represent the most widely used online marketing system available. There are 100’s who legitimately earn 6, and some 7, figure incomes from this system.  There are those, however,  who continue to struggle while building their home business. Carbon Copy Pro represents a diverse group of  individuals. As the main marketing arm for Wealth Masters International, many CCPro members quickly go on to enter into the WMI financial training program, progressing quickly within that organization.

What can you do with CCPRO?

CCPro is designed to take anyone from any background and teach them how to sell anything online. At a time when a record number of individuals are coming into the network and Internet marketing industry, Carbon Copy Pro represents a ‘turn-key’ solution, helping many to begin generating income in record time.  Nothing is sure fire.  Despite continued  growth, there are dozens of  cases where new members have seen very little,  if any success. As with other Online Marketing Systems, personal success in CCPro is measured in direct proportion to the amount of effort put in. While many see incredible results,  some struggle to make their first sale.  There are those that will never succeed at all.

How Does it Work?

As new prospects are attracted to the system, they are pre-screened with a unique and effective application process which ‘weeds’ out the tire kickers and those seeking a quick fix or a fast buck. The application fee of $39.95 includes the educational “Inside Out” DVD, workbook and additional informative files available to download.   To promote a more successful environment of dedicated and like minded entrepreneurs, not all that apply are accepted.

After the pre-screening process, new applicants purchase their Black Box (BIB) for $395.00. With the purchase of the BIB, new members are given their first month membership fee, a set-up guide, a step-by-step Marketing guide, Exhaustive glossary of terms and FAQ’s, Personalized action planner, complete and comprehensive instructions, an integrated line of products and an extensive virtual back office, complete with a professional call center and an interactive Wikipedia formatted learning area.

In addition to all of this, the monthly $149.00 membership fee includes access to on-going and up-to-date, daily live training (both online and teleconferencing), an Interactive real-time forum, a monthly newsletter, and access to additional online market training with industry experts as well as members only discounts on many additional products.

Multiple Streams of Income.

Despite some reports, Carbon Copy Pro is not an MLM company. Once new members implement the tools and training supplied, CCPro offers multiple sources of generated income. The main product line is the tiered financial educational platform of Wealth Masters International.  You will  find this organization outlined in another article within this website. Along with this product, which many members move up to over time,  there are up to 12 affiliate programs available. In addition to the income generated through affiliate sales, every member receives up to $20 of each application fee, and $200 for each BIB sold. There is also an ongoing residual income package that will pay $30 per month for every new team activated.  One of the primary concepts behind Carbon Copy Pro is that members have the ability to apply their new found knowledge and begin marketing any business opportunity.

Also, some members of CCPro market the Black Box to local businesses as a tool to teach how to better monetize an existing web-site. It is not unheard of for members to sell dozens of BIB’s per month to existing businesses who seek an online marketing education to help promote themselves.

The Future.

Any company that continues to grow every year since its’ inception, must be doing something right. Considering the nature of Network and Internet Marketing, it is apparent the CCPro training system is effective for many. If it did not perform as advertised, there would clearly be more negative information flying around its’ name. When looking into any new venture, or opportunity,  it is the sole responsibility of the end user to make the final decision as to its’ effectiveness. What works for one may not be right for another.  Carbon Copy Pro has withstood the test of time.  It should  be considered  a viable educational, training and support option when entering into the online marketing industry.

Mitchell Dillman is an online marketer, and owner of DillmanSolutions, an online, eco-friendly, ‘green’ home based business. He is a personal mentor and business coach, helping to create wealth and personal growth in others while promoting sustainable life and business practices World Wide. For more information go to To contact Mitchell directly go to

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Scott Grigg December 14, 2011 at 8:22 am Thumb up 1 Thumb down 1

Carbon Copy Pro was recently renamed Pro Elite. My guess is that because they were increasingly not working for most people. Of the 20-30 in my marketing partner’s group not one, not even one, ever made close to five figures a month.

I’d stay away from Pro Elite for a number of reasons. Read my review on my website at:


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