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by bobandanna on January 22, 2010

Business in Motion (BIM) Launched in June 2006 with the following mission …

Business in Motion International Corporation (BIM) is committed to becoming the largest Distributor based company in the world. Our emphasis is on being a responsible, innovative business partner providing real wholesale value on each product we sell and at the same time offer an up front income opportunity that far exceeds the conventional methods. We believe ultimately that this new Wave in the ever developing world of network marketing is the future and our commitment is to continue to stay light years ahead of any of the followers. (from

Owership: Private

Location: Mississauga, ON (Physical address does not appear on the corporate site, but see comment here.)

Founder, CEO, President, Master Distributor, etc.: Alan Neil Kippax

Warning: See separate article below on Alan Neil Kippax.

Learn more about the authors: Bob and Anna Bassett
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