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by louabbott on November 6, 2009

BookWise is more than a business. It is a cause—a movement against the “dumbing down” of America. It offers a chance to build a better future for yourself and for the whole world … First, we sell books.

There are no pills, powders or potions to sell and no need to make grandiose promises of well-being to your friends. Our products are bestselling books and we help people build wealth while building personal libraries as well as a great wealth of knowledge through reading..” — company web site

Founded: end of 2006

CEO & Founder: Richard Paul Evans, #1 bestselling author of The Five Lessons A Millionaire
Taught Me About Life and Wealth

Founder & Co-chair: Robert G. Allen

Founder: Dennis Webb

COO: Andy Compas, former US general manager of Unicity Network

Key Products: Books

Costs: $39.95 to join; $35 per month

Bookwise Compensation Plan: a 5 x 9 Unilevel with matching bonuses on all personally sponsored reps and QuickStart bonuses – comp plan

Guarantee: “If, after 12 months as an active Associate, you do not believe that your life is better for having joined BookWise, we’ll refund 100% of your monthly fees. And you can keep the books.” –BookWise site

Policies & Procedures

Company Site

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