Body Wise Facts, News and Review

by louabbott on November 11, 2009

“Body Wise International is …a forerunner in business. With over $500 million in sales since founding and over $250 million in commissions paid to consultants, Body Wise exemplifies stability and longevity.

Today Body Wise leads the way with exceptional products, including weight management, women’s solutions
and immune support, as well as many others. Under the watchful eye of Chairman Dick Marconi, Body Wise works to enhance current products, while developing new ones.

Unlike most network marketing companies, Body Wise began as a product company first. By establishing
itself as a world-class wellness company Body Wise used network marketing to spread the word about its exceptional products.”  — Body Wise web site

Body Wise Comp Plan:
appears to be a stair-step breakaway with fast start bonuses and other tweaks. See: compensation plan page

Body Wise Company Site

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