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by louabbott on May 9, 2013

 In a model that sounds very similar to Beach Body, Body FX describes their business opportunity this way:

Body FX will generate tens of thousands of paying customers who have already purchased Body FX branded exercise, fitness, and weight-loss DVDs from their television infomercials.

The company plans to provide these leads at no charge to its distributors!

When these customers purchase Body FX supplements, the assigned distributor will earn the retail profits, and up to nine or more levels of uplink distributors will earn an override on the sale.

No other company is offering anything even remotely close to this plan!

Launched:  ABody FX Independent Distributor logopril/May 2013

Founder and CEO: James Kunitz

 Product Overview:

Body FX will offer a line of ultra premium fitness and performance oriented nutrition and weight loss products that truly are different and better than what you will find anywhere else. These proprietary and patent-pending formulations will be exclusive to Body FX Reps. Body FX Direct Reps can also market the DVD sets that are advertised on the company’s television infomercials.

Body FX Compensation Plan:  A uni-level plan that pays up to nine levels.  Includes also Fast-Start Bonuses, Infinity Bonuses, and Matching Infinity Bonuses.  $50 BV in personal monthly sales volume to be eligible to earn Uni-level Commissions and Infinity Bonuses. Volume requirement can be met through personal purchases, or purchases made by retail customers.

Prelaunch Website

Body FX
4360 Viewridge
Ave Ste C.
San Diego, CA, 92123-1679


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Joe Malone May 20, 2013 at 10:37 pm Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

When it comes to fitness in the world, we need help! In the end, a healthy diet and exercise are what people need. We just need to find a way to convince them all of that.


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