Amway Global, formerly Quixtar: Facts, News and Reviews

by louabbott on October 18, 2009

“Amway is part of the Alticor family of companies, which generated worldwide retail sales in excess of USD $8 billion in 2008.

50+ years ago, Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel, two young entrepreneurs from the USA, created a plan that enabled anyone to start their own business by selling quality products and [recruiting others] to do the same. This unique business opportunity has enabled Amway to grow into one of the worlds leading direct selling companies. Today, Amway supports … business with over 450 exclusive products and services, a state-of-the-art global ordering and distribution network and … four decades of experience and advice …  world headquarters in Ada, Michigan, USA, is over a mile (1.6km) long and is home to more than 300 research and development scientists, product development teams and … business support personnel. All these resources are dedicated towards helping you achieve business success.”

Ada is also one of  four global manufacturing centers: Buena Park, California, USA; Lakeview, California, USA; and Guangzhou, China.  Organic  farms are located in  at Lakeview, CA, USA; Trout Lake, Washington, USA; El Petacal, Mexico; and Tiangu, Ceara, Brazil.” –Amway web sit

Amway Global is the name now used worldwide.  For about ten years, Amway was called Quixtar in the USA.

Comp Plan: Traditional Stair Step Breakaway

Amway Company Site

Quixtar Company Site

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Firdaus Lalkaka November 5, 2010 at 5:19 am Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

When it comes to the business of MLM, I’ve always wondered :
(a) WHY doesn’t the MLM company have a generic video explaining how the MLM concept works and what are the potential rewards,
(b) WHY doesn’t the law make it mandatory for all MLM companies (whether listed or held privately) make certain critical data public. In my opinion, if you are in the business of offering a business opportunity to the general public, the least the public expects is knowing the facts !!!
(c) Rather than go after people who spread negative news about an MLM company in particular, why don’t the companies themselves offer information regarding the legal suits, etc. pending against them with full disclosures rather than hide all such details under the cloak of privately held enterprises not being obligated to disclose ??? All this actually makes it stink even more…they wouldn’t hide it unless they are ashamed to disclose it !!!
(d) While a lot has been spoken about the “Tools” Income there are two things that come to my mind : (1) Any business needs to be learned. MLM is not part of the curricullum at school or college and hence, if there is someone who has put in place an educational system…its a POSITIVE move. (2) Now for the “negative” side of the “Tools” income : (i) Why is it kept hush-hush ??? Why is it claimed that help from upline is free when it isn’t ? (ii) As the Tools company is a seperate entity and not part of the MLM company, it becomes difficult to monitor the allegations levelled against it. So, why doesnt the law make it MANDATORY for all tool sales to be routed through the principle MLM company ??? That way, with the sales being logged in perfectly, it will be clear to all, whether the leadership is more focussed on tools income or on truly helping people build a solid MLM product-based business too ! (iii) While any MLM company will continue paying the bonuses to a distributor provided the volumes are generated in his network and he does the minimum monthly purchases (as laid down by the company for being eligible to earn commissions – Amway has done this in India at the 15% up level), the same is not seen happening with respect to the tools income. Here, the income is shared out arbitrarily. All this could stop, if tools flow and tools incomes is routed through the MLM company itself ! (iv) Further, to stop the leadership from focussing more on generating income from tools and not the MLM opportunity, a cap should be kept on the amount of tools a person can buy based on the value of products purchased by him/her every month.

These kind of changes would, I believe reduce the ticklish aspects dogging the MLM industry and make it a better place !


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