“The Four Year Career” – a review

by louabbott on May 1, 2013

How To Make Your Dreams of Fun and Financial Freedom Come True or Not

by Richard Bliss Brooke

you can buy it here

Sometimes an author just really nails it.

As the ‘MLM whole truth’ guy, I like to think that I tell it like it is. But frankly, no one does a better job of describing the real value and benefits of Multilevel or Network Marketing, without exaggerating a single fact, than Richard Brooke.

4yrCareer-frontAnd let me tell you, after reading it, I think you will agree that the truth is good enough!  The case for network marketing is well made.

This newly revised, 118 page 2013 edition is an excellent belief-building guide for anyone considering Network Marketing.

Here’s what you will find in this compelling, easy-to-understand recruiting tool:

  • A brief discussion of the economic uncertainty many are facing, and the challenges that traditional means commonly considered for building financial security pose
  • A revealing explanation of the myths and realities of Network Marketing (some may surprise you)
  • Industry statistics and third-party endorsements that reinforce the power of Network Marketing as a wealth-building vehicle
  • Stories of real live Network Marketing millionaires, including their tips for success

You can read these samples below from the 2012 edition.
The 2013 edition mostly differs in who’s included in the success stories.

Read the Intro, Table of contents and Sample Chapter in English

Read the Intro, Table of contents and Sample Chapter in Spanish

eBook version in English is available from Amazon and iTunes for only $2.99
In Español, the price, for some reason, jumps to $6.99 at both places.

If you wish to order one sent by Priority Mail to a U.S. A. address order the  Paperback version here for only $6.95 plus Priority Mail costs.

The Four Year Career - back

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For larger quantities of 10, 25, or 100+, may I suggest going directly to Richard Brooke’s site.

There is only one section of the book I might have done differently.

On page 21 Mr. Brooke describes…

Myth #2: Network Marketing is an opportunity for someone who is not doing well financially to make some money—maybe even a lot of money.

But then, takes it back in the next paragraph:

Unfortunately, many of the success stories have perpetuated this myth with a rags-to-riches theme. Although there are enough people to substantiate the myth, it is still a myth.

If it happens, it is not a myth.  He goes on to imply that people who already possess skills that have made them successful in other areas of life will be much more likely to succeed than a person “who is not doing well financially.” It is very true that “people who are struggling financially are doing so for a number of reasons, including low self-esteem and/or lack of the basic skills and preparation that allow one to succeed in anything.”  Indeed, skills, readiness, and persistence are requisites for anyone to succeed in Network Marketing.

But I wrote in the margin of my copy in big letters, “THESE THINGS CAN BE LEARNED!”

But even in differing slightly in this area, Richard Brooke’s candor and straightforwardness is apparent and recommends the entire work.

The Four Year Career - Buy it here.

Here is just some of what you (and/or your prospects) will learn:

  • Exactly how residual income and wealth is created in Network Marketing from a mathematical viewpoint.
  • How as little as $3,000 – $4,000 a month in residual income is worth over a million dollars in net worth.
  • How they can actually create that net worth in as little as 3 – 4 years.
  • Why the Network Marketing profession is attracting everyone from business gurus, Fortune 500 Companies to billionaires.
  • How and why to pick the right company … a company just like Shaklee.
  • A brief glimpse of the  personal stories of multimillion dollar earners’ success, fun, adventure and freedom.

Here’s what leaders have said:

“I ordered ten of Richard Brooke’s CD The Four Year Career. It is just phenomenal! I keep it on my car CD player so it comes on again every time I start the car. Each time I hear it, I catch something new that I missed before.”
– Emily Taft
Georgetown, MA
“I am amazed at the response I receive every time I hand out The Four Year Career CD. The concept and marketing plan are clearly explained in detail. My sponsoring has truly been impacted with this CD by Richard Brooke.”
– Jan Taylor
Henderson, NV
“I share The Four Year Career with serious prospects and new Network Marketers. It gives the ‘flavor’ of how much fun we have doing this business. It also gives them a step-by-step roadmap to building a successful business.”
– Sheryl Spangler
Tulalip, WA
“The Four Year Career is a must for re-listening to make prospecting so much easier. It’s also perfect as a handout to anyone.”
– Dr. Don Vollmer
Castle Rock, CO
“Richard Brooke’s generosity, insight and experience make The Four Year Career both informative and profitable.”
– Phillip John
Tempe, AZ
“The Four Year Career is the absolute best training I have ever heard on explaining network marketing for the common person. Thank you, Richard, for making it so simple, compelling and motivational!”
– Lynette Mansur
Plover, WI
“The Four Year Career audio is very well done and a great asset to those who ‘don’t get it.’ It touches on the key factors of Network Marketing – using easy to understand terms and examples – and sets the record straight.”
– Steve Jackson
Hamilton, Ontario
“I have always loved the Four Year Career audio CD. I watched the video version the other day and it’s great! Thanks Richard, for all you are and all that you do.”
– Mark Hibbits
Norwich, UK
“The Four Year Career is honestly the best CD on the Network Marketing industry that I have ever heard. I bought a copy for every leader on my team to use for prospecting and training. We need people like Richard Brooke to be ambassadors for the industry as a whole. It’s time for all of us, in all companies, to work together to promote Network Marketing. We would all be more successful with his attitude.”
– Maggie Williamson
“I have read Mach II twice and listened to The Four Year Career CD twice a while back. I listened to The Four Year Career again today and cried. I get it now, and I know I had to go through what I have been through to get it!”
– Samantha Davies
Nottingham, United Kingdom
“I can’t tell you how many times I have listened to The Four Year Career CD. It inspired me to create a worksheet I use in my business to train my people how to use and recommend.”
– Susie Lanier
“Listen to The Four Year Career until you wear it out and the information taught exudes from every fiber of your being. You will then be equipped to shift paradigms about Network Marketing.”
– Paula McInaney
CO Springs, CO
“I purchased Richard Brooke’s Four Year Career CD and only a few minutes into it, I knew everyone in my downline should get a copy. I love it!”
– Tracy Russell
“The Four Year Career CD is definitely in my top five Network Marketing CDs!”
– Faye Wetherbe
Houston, TX
“I actually received a copy of The Four Year Career from a Leader in my group. She is like me – we study the industry as well as our supplier. I LOVE it and it will be included with every new team member to give our team a vision for the industry which will help them to understand how to create a residual income and how to understand the numbers.”
– Rhonda Woodman
Essex, MA

“Jam-packed with compelling facts and stories, The Four Year Career is a no BS, tell-it-like-it-is powerhouse of a book. Read this, and you’ll be more confident than ever in the future of your Network Marketing business. Share this with the skeptics in your life, and they’ll FINALLY appreciate why you’ve chosen this profession (and more will be joining you too).”
– Sonia Stringer
The Women’s Business Coach, author of “The Ultimate Guide for Women in Network Marketing”
San Diego, California
“There is absolutely no doubt that Richard Brooke has had more impact on my success than any other trainer in the Network Marketing industry. I hand out copies of The Four Year Career to my entire downline.”
– Kathy Schneider
Lubbock, TX
“Direct anyone with questions about Network Marketing to Richard Brooke’s masterpiece, The Four Year Career. The reader will see what the industry is all about; what to look for and what to avoid, who the champions of the industry are and how they got there.”
– Dr. Mel Babad
Trenton, NJ
“The Four Year Career is the most powerful tool I have ever used to introduce prospects to the Network Marketing industry. The clear and concise presentation of the complex principles behind this business is masterfully reinforced by powerful real-world examples. This one0two punch leaves my prospects feeling empowered with their new knowledge and excited about what is possible. Leveraging Richard Brooke’s skill as an educator and motivator, I can now focus all my attention on closing sales!”
– Scott Bousquet
Spring Hill, FL
“The Four Year Career is not only a powerful prospecting tool, but a great training piece for new and experienced distributors alike. It tells the complete story about our industry and emphasizes all the possibilities of Network Marketing!”
– Dr. Tom Ventullo
New Smyrna, FL
“The Four Year Career has given my team and me a very accurate look at how and what Network Marketing truly is and should be. It is required reading for my existing business partners, and has become part of my Getting Started pack for newly sponsored associates.”
– Richard Murphy
Atlanta, GA
“When I received Richard Brooke’s book, The Four Year Career, I was overwhelmed that in just 50 pages he said it all! This book is a must-read for anyone serious about building a Network Marketing Empire!”
– Ruby Cassidy
Charlotte, NC
“The Four Year Career is full of real-life success stories from people who succeeded in Network Marketing because they worked their business like a business. Because this book captures wonderful stories about people who made things happen for themselves, it is truly inspiring.”
– Velma Gill
Hypoluxo Island, FL
“I think everyone should have a library shelf dedicated to Richard Brooke’s resources! The Four Year Career was my favorite … short, to the point and very helpful. I no longer fear the unknown on the other end of the phone.”
– Susan Martin
Buna, TX
“I was delighted to get Richard Brooke’s The Four Year Career. I’m always looking for materials to help keep myself pumped up and guide me through this business.”
– Chris Taylor
Merced, CA
“Residual income is the most exciting aspect in wealth creation. This book teaches you how to build, sustain and enjoy your Network Marketing Money-Making Machine!”
– Lisa Jimenez
International Speaker, Best-Selling Author & Success Coach
“I just re-read Richard Brooke’s book, The Four Year Career and I must say it’s a Network Marketing masterpiece. It totally explains the entire industry in a magnetic and inclusive style. The reader gets to see what Network Marketing is all about, what to look for and what to avoid; who the champions of the industry are and how they got there. Direct anyone with questions to this quick-read masterpiece.”
– Dr. Mel Babad
Trenton, NJ
“The Four Year Career is a great tool for every contact and first-time Networker.”
– Kathy Robbins
Tampa, FL
“I was given a copy several years ago but I never read it. Since I recently became an ACN Rep, I decided to read and found it to be a phenomenal Network Marketing learning tool!! I plan to give a copy to all new reps who join my ACN team as well as a few existing reps that need remotivated!”
– David Wallace
Trenton, NJ
“The Four Year Career is nothing short of an excellent book and liberating experience generating hope from a foundation of proven fact. Excellent Job Richard!”
– Craig Mattice
Richmond, VA
“The Four Year Career clearly explains the power and simplicity of Network Marketing. It gets out the message about the security of a Residual Income. This booklet is pivotal in helping a prospect decide that the industry is right for them and the timing is right now!”
– Suzie Southworth
Coeur d’Alene, ID


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Gilbert Nichols April 24, 2013 at 4:08 pm Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Hey Lou,
Yeah, I got that book from Amazon, Kindle version, last year. My wife and I devoured it after we heard him speak in a convention for an MLM we were involved with then. He’s one tough hombre!

Have you heard how he worked the chicken processing farm near Frisco, CA, I think? To make it to where he is today from that is pretty impressive. Thanks for sharing it.


Ivan April 24, 2013 at 1:39 am Thumb up 1 Thumb down 0

This is it!After reading The Four Year Career I feel like on a fire ate being 67 years “young” …Wish I had this information 30years ago,but it’s never too late,go and get it.You will never be the same.Ivan


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