Underfunded Pension Plans – Pension Plan Funding of S&P 500 Firms

by louabbott on May 6, 2010

Would you call this a reliable long term income?

It used to be that the American Dream was realized through getting a good job with a good company and then retiring at a nice early age with a solid pension.

Clearly, that game plan doesn’t look very good any more.

2003 Pension Plan Funding of S&P 500 Firms
Source: Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Economic Letter, June 2003.

This is what is happening with the pension plan funding of some of the best corporations in America, members of the S&P 500!

Has the situation improved?

From the article:  Pension Plan Shocker Dead Ahead!

It’s no big surprise that thinking people are looking at other alternatives.

Our only warning at this site is that when people do, they carefully learn a good criteria before jumping head first into any Direct Sales, Network Marketing, or Multilevel Marketing venture!

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