Internet Marketing: Fact or Hype for Network Marketers?

by David Enders, D.C. on January 18, 2010

Can you really build your network marketing business via Internet Marketing, or is it all hype?

Many new network marketers ask their uplines about marketing on the Internet, and most of them receive a negative response.


We should remember that most successful network marketing companies have been around for years, even decades, and they feel more comfortable with what they know and with what has worked in the past. Also any of their “big hitters” probably built their business with the “old school” methods.

If you look at it from your company’s viewpoint, why should they recommend something that to them is unproven? It is natural that they would recommend what, to them, is a successful method of building your business. Also too many of them, the Internet is an unknown factor and they may even feel threatened by it.

Many MLM leaders do not yet understand the concept of social marketing and how it can be an effective relationship building tool. Instead they see it as something that could mess up their time tested strategies.

They are wrong!

Without the proper mindset, self-development, and training you will fail despite the methods and strategies you use to build your business – online or off.

People like Mike Dillard, Ann Sieg, and Mike Klingler have paved the way in Internet Marketing with a disciplined, step-by-step approach that all marketers can follow. Learn how to avoid wasting your time on unproductive activities. By acquiring skills and knowledge from such training you will become a productive Internet Marketer.

Network Marketing is a business of building relationships, online or off. You must learn new skills to apply this to the Internet, but it is the same principles. The big advantage of the Internet is that it allows you to have a worldwide influence.

Internet Marketing is not hype, but like any honest, worthwhile endeavor, you need to learn the skills of your trade to be successful.

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