How To Create A Contact List Of Thousands Of Names

by johncini on March 1, 2010

I wrote this document to help people in my first company, and then the company included it in their training manual. Use it yourself, then share it with everyone you enroll!

Your contact list is the most vital tool you can use to build your business.
The list is the fuel for your business.
Do you want to start this journey with an empty tank or a full tank?

Over the last 20 years in this industry, it’s amazing how many different ways I’ve been told all the reasons why reps “don’t know that many people.”  The excuses used by those who are new to the industry to justify not contacting their friends are always creative.  But in the end, if you think it’s tough calling people you know, you’ll find it MUCH more difficult calling strangers.  And here’s the real bottom line:  if you can’t (or won’t) enroll some contacts from your warm market, the odds are you’ll do worse in the cold market.

Out of every random list of 100 people, there may be two or three superstars (the kind who will run hard and build a multi-million dollar business with your help) just waiting for you to discover and develop them. And there could be 20 or 30 more people who will do the business on a lesser level and still make great money, and many more who won’t do much and/or are potential customers. When you have plenty of people to talk to, you aren’t desperate to sponsor each and every one. People sense when you need them. And that neediness can turn them off and make them react negatively towards your offer.

When you have a lot of people to talk to about your business, you have more confidence and more posture. You gain control over your business and your future. Knowing that your success doesn’t rest with just one, two, or a dozen people gives you an incredible edge. When you have an abundance of people to share your business with, you’ll have incredible posture with people, knowing you don’t need them; THEY NEED YOU!

“But I don’t know anyone.”

Did you know that by age 25, you probably know more than 2,000 people on a first name basis? It’s unlikely you ever bothered to count them, but this is your circle of influence. If you knew that every name you wrote down would be worth $1,000 a year to you for the rest of your life, how many names could you come up with? Now do you feel like you know more people?

Remember, this is not a list of “people you think will join the business,” but rather a list of “people who can fog a mirror” (or people who have a pulse)! Don’t play God and decide for others who will be interested in DubLi. As you are building your list, remember not to prejudge anyone. It’s natural to feel like you have to know beforehand if everyone you write on your list will be interested in what you have to offer. Often, in the beginning, you may feel that people will think less of you if you approach them. Yet, in reality, you are offering an incredible gift when you offer your opportunity to others. You are offering them something that is in their best interest. GET EXCITED! You’re about to change your life and the lives of people you care about.


The first step is to understand the process of creating “leads” or contacts. The key to creating contacts is referrals. Sometimes called “referral marketing” in other industries, capturing new business prospects and clients through referrals is at the heart of networking. We all share information we are excited about with our friends and family every day. The process starts with you contacting your initial base of friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances.

You already have a huge base to start from: as many as 2,000 names. Right now, you may think you can’t possibly know that many people. However, as you follow the “Category Reminder Method” below, you will be amazed to see how many names you actually come up with. Take a spiral notebook or composition book and instead of writing names, begin by writing down categories or communities of people you know, leaving at least an entire page for each category

Category Reminder Method

Here are some starter categories we suggest to use as resources for finding people:

  1. Family (genealogy, reunions)

  2. High School (class reunions, directories)

  3. College (alumni directory, frat/sorority, sports, clubs)

  4. Past Work (How many jobs have you had?)

  5. Current Work

  6. Wedding List

  7. Cell Phone Directory

  8. Neighborhood (Home Owners Association)

  9. Clubs/Organization (PTA, Rotary)

  10. Sports

  11. Church

  12. Professional Associations

  13. Location (Who do you know in NY, LA, Dallas, etc.)

  14. Vocation (Who do you know is a doctor, lawyer, dentist, etc.)

As you fill out this list, it is possible to average at least 50 names per category. For example, your alumni directory likely includes 10,000 names, your Home Owners Association probably has hundreds of names, and your extended family will easily branch into more hundreds of names. Don’t forget to include the extended family of each person on your family list, and their extended family, and so on.

Once your own list includes, for example, 500 names, realize that each of those people have numerous contacts of their own. This is how you develop a network. By following this Category Reminder Method, you can easily create a list with as many as 2,000 names. Creating this list is a critical component to growing your business. As you master the Category Reminder Method, you can also continue to add names to your list throughout the life of your business. Keep your list near you at all times: you’ll remember names out of nowhere, and wonder how you ever forgot them!

When you have accumulated a huge list, start prioritizing the names. Narrow the list to your top 100 names, then to the top 25 of those. You want to identify your top prospects and contact them first. Don’t be tempted to eliminate or pre-qualify anyone from your list before you contact them. You never know who will be interested in the business.



Finally, begin contacting your list. Be prepared with a script with highlighted, key points you’re going to say, as well as answers to the most common objections. Also, always have a followup time to talk with them in mind. Set up a system to track who you called and the responses you receive. Work with your upline to develop scripts and even conference call on the first few calls as you learn the best way to share the business with others.

The last thing I’ll leave you with is a reminder that besides everyone needing our product, you never want a personal contact to say to you, “Why didn’t you ever tell me about the DubLi business?”

Happy Hunting!
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