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by mitchelldillman on December 4, 2009

Letter to the editor: Mr. Lou Abbott

Hello Lou,

You don’t know me yet. My name is Mitchell Dillman and I’ve been meaning to get over here for some time now and tell you an interesting little story… so if you don’t mind, I think I’ll take a few minutes of your time and share.

As you read this, please understand it’s intended to reinforce with the tremendous impact that the modern world of Internet Marketing and the dynamic business model of Network Marketing has made on mine and many thousands of lives around the world.

Back in mid April, my Dad, of all people, introduced me to this product that, as it turns out, does everything as advertised. It reduces our impact on the environment and it saves folks money on something they already have to buy. Interestingly enough, this product was being marketed by a newly re-structured Multi Level Marketing company and was just being ‘re-introduced’ to the public.

Now, you must know that I’ve never really had anything to do with any of these ‘pyramid’ companies, with the exception of some ‘National’ company back in the early 80’s, where I actually made more money installing the product under folks sinks than I ever did selling it. (I was just a kid out of high school at the time.)

You see, my Dad, who has always been a hard working man from a traditional business background, had brought me up to run for the hills any time one of these ‘fly-by-night’ snake oil salesmen would come around talking non-sense about how many millions of dollars could be made by simply signing up a few of your friends, family and neighbors.

Anyway, as a 25+ year veteran carpenter/contractor and custom home builder, the booming 2009 home building industry was not proving to be very profitable for me. I was looking for any new opportunity I could find….

For many years I’d been getting up at the crack of dawn and rolling out the door to build the next big dream home while my dreams seemed to be slowly fading away like the many pairs of denim work jeans I’d wear out every year. The American Dream was just not cutting it for me anymore, you know?

Now Lou, this is where you may think the story get’s a bit strange.

You see, at 45 years old, in mid April, 2009, I had also just gotten my very first computer. Yep, you heard that right…My Dad had just decided that one of his first generation Dell Lap Top computers was finally ready to be retired… but before he threw that thing out, he thought that it may just still have enough life left in it to ‘set his kid straight.’

I know, it’s crazy to think that this carpenter and son of a banker had never even googled himself… much less emailed or downloaded any thing other than a truck load of lumber.

I’d somehow made it almost to 2010 without ever even seeing YouTube or Facebook.

Heck, I had a 9 year old niece making fun of me…I kept my company books on a hand written ledger and wrote out bids for million dollar homes with a pen and paper…My mantra was that I was a true 3%, one of the last 3% of Americans that didn’t own a computer.

Lou, just a few weeks into this, and after figuring out how to turn the thing on and off and how to find the daily crossword puzzle and various different games, and after learning how to email a letter to my Mom, I made the decision that if I was to get involved with this product and this company, it would only be if I could figure out how to sell that stuff on-line…

Something inside me knew there was more to this thing than on-line poker and endless hours of solitaire. This was a tool that could make me some money!

Well, it wasn’t long and I’d managed to figure out that if I googled a word, or name, all this information would appear…I was driven, possessed if you will.

I had heard all these stories of wealth beyond my dreams and it seemed as if all the answers, to all the questions, were right there, right there inside that little google box…So, I googled that product name, then the company name and what did I find?

Low and behold Lou, I found a website called “”….

Now Lou, pay close attention here…

This is the part where something began to happen that you must understand and now, in hind sight, this is the most beautiful part to this whole story.

Thinking I was really onto something, I began to read…and I began to study…

I read about things like leverage, which I understood from running my own construction business. I read about doing something once and getting paid for it for years to come, which I didn’t understand from running my own construction business. I saw a neat little video about this ‘brilliant compensation” plan and one guy with a bucket and another building a pipe line, and I’ll be Lou, if you didn’t lead me right into this guys’ website down in Austin, Texas.

This guy seemed to have this whole on-line thing figured out…He even gave me 7 free training videos which I thought was really cool, and I found myself really relating to this cat.

I became so fascinated with some of his concepts that I dove right in and signed right up for a course about how to move traffic on-line. (Heck Lou, I believe you made a nice little commission off that and several subsequent purchases).

Alright, so I think you see where this is headed, or do you?

Let me pick up the pace and go ahead and give you a Great Big THANK YOU right now…

You see Lou, I believe you played a large role in the transformation of this old, worn out carpenter from ‘new home builder’ to a ‘new home business builder’.

I’ve got new hope.  I’ve got a new vision and purpose, like never before. I awake each day with a passion and an ardent desire to learn…

Now, not even 6 short months since the day I started that traffic moving course with that guy from Austin,  my wife and I have just returned from Las Vegas, and we’re now m3’s with a well known International Company…

I now have 6 websites on-line, a hand full of domains not even assigned yet and I’m on a serious fast track, working my way up the virtual ladder to knock some of the top producing Internet Marketers in the World off the awards stage at the next big live event for a company that puts their business in a box.

You ought to see my recent pictures with all these guys. They’re just down to earth folks like me, who have learned a new skill set. Regular guys and gals who had the belief in themselves to go out and do something that many people told them was just a silly dream. Guys and gals who knew there was a better way to live than just getting up everyday to punch a time clock and miss out on time with their families just to ‘make a living’.

And you know what Lou?

They know I’m coming up this ladder and they’re teaching me how to do it.

Lou, you have shared so much. You have done this industry much good and I will always remember what you’ve done for me. I intend to give back many times to those that have helped me along the way and I just hope that I can represent myself and this industry at a level which meets your standards.

This is not just some fly-by-night, flash-in-the-pan, here today-gone tomorrow, get-rich-quick, pyramid scheming business…

This is a real industry of hard working, intellectual, dedicated professionals who have had the vision to step out beyond the conventional business models to find true success on their own. Individuals who are willing to put in the hard work necessary and the time needed to find true financial freedom.

I consider myself lucky to have come across this proven system. A guy from a construction background with zero technical knowledge or experience gets a computer and by simply applying himself with the lessons being presented, transforms himself, reaches for something better and grabs a hold of a new found life filled with health, wealth and wisdom.

We must always remember that there are others watching us… We must “Stay humble when winning, stay hungry when satisfied, and know that complacency kills.”

Thank you again Lou,

Your friend,
Mitchell Dillman

Mitchell Dillman has dedicated himself to helping others in Creating Wealth, achieving Personal Growth and promoting sustainability World Wide. If you would like to learn more about Mitchell or perhaps set up a time to meet with him in person, contact him by telephone, via skype or email, simply follow this link and go to the ‘contact’ page.

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Mitchell Dillman December 6, 2009 at 4:59 pm Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Certainly Lou,

It was the last week of June, 2009, when I subscribed to TF2.0 and started up this new path. I was still actively ‘swinging a hammer’ and it wasn’t until the middle of July that I began to log my hours…

This is now my full-time focus and since joining forces with CCPro, the first week of September, I’ve continually been logging 16 hour days…

I’ve approached this journey as if it were both a new career and a full-time education. My focus has been both unwavering and relentless…I’ve fully committed myself and my wife thinks I should be.(committed)

The beauty of this industry is the amount of help readily available. Any time I have challenges there is someone there to lead me to answers. As you well know, it is through the duplicate-able process that ‘newbies’ are able to find success in Network and Internet Marketing.

This is a business, not a hobby. I am treating it as such and I believe that anyone with this approach can also find success here.

Thanks again for this opportunity.


louabbott December 6, 2009 at 2:42 pm Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Thanks for the article about your experience, Mitchell.

May I ask one question in the interest of the “whole truth?” Your sites and your progress are remarkable.

Can you post a reply to this comment that would give everyone an idea how much time you spent learning what you have about Internet marketing?


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