Arbonne Resources For Success: 3 Things Every Arbonne Consultant Must Do Now

by Party Plan Pat on May 25, 2010

Are you an Arbonne Consultant,  trying to make sense of how the Arbonne Bankruptcy/restructuring affects you? Following are Direct Sales Recruiting Tips.  These Arbonne Consultant resources are exactly what you need to experience Arbonne success.

All brand identities e.g., Mary Kay, Arbonne International, Beauty Control, Passion Parties, Temptation Parties, Mia Bella Candles, Scentsy are engineered through a process called positioning. This process is especially important for products that are otherwise indistinguishable from other products in their category.

Party Plan companies, party plan compensation plans, and party plan products, for example, are practically all the same, materially.

Positioning:- is the process by which party plan consultants MUST create an image or identity in the minds of their target market for their product and/or, brand

Party plan consultants though are each unique because they are each INDIVIDUALS!

Positioning is all about ‘perception’

e.g., warm chattering people in the malls and other public places positions you to be perceived as a nag!  As a pest as someone to be avoided.

Harassing people you meet and hounding them to join your business is the clear cut way to get black listed!

What You Must Do: Put yourself in the shoes of your potential prospect.

  • Find out what they are buying
  • Figure out where they hang out,
  • Find out what they are most dissatisfied with

Then place yourself [position] right where they hang out.  Place yourself in the eye of the storm if you want the action!

Differentiation: Is the process of providing unique value! This means to distinguish oneself from the crowd.  What makes you different from every other consultant representing company ABC?

How many times have you met someone totally awesome and then went to say I am am a consultant with company ABC…and what seemed to be a great connection suddenly went dead?

Have you ever asked yourself why? Because they have encountered just as many “I am a consultant with company ABC” before you.  And each left a negative impression!

Remember the sins of the father are visited upon the son three of four generations

When clients/customers cannot distinguish a difference between products, or party plan consultants, they create a difference in their mind.

What you must do:

  • Create Customer Intimacy:-build relationships to build business!
  • Provide unique solutions to customers by virtue of intimate knowledge of their needs.

There is a trend in the party plan industry that focuses on the “I feel, I felt, I found” technique of overcoming objections.

When used genuinely it is a powerful tool, that allows you a deep emotional connection.  Unfortunately, consultants are taught to use this technique to manipulate prospects!

Make a list of the top 10 objections you keep getting.

Herein lies the key for you to differentiate yourself.  Differentiation is about providing solutions.

Objections are the prospects directions for you to becoming a party plan selling superstar!

Branding:- Once you differentiate and position you are now ready to brand.  To brand means to imprint, impress upon your prospects mind that you are the best fit solution!

Branding is the feeling your potential prospect, hostess and direct sales biz opp partner get from interacting with you.

Branding is not a logo! A logo is a visual representation of your brand yes.

What You MUST DO:-

  • Improve by 10% on your competitors WEAK points.

Customer Service:- often the most neglected, this is where you can make your biggest mark!

Follow Up & Follow Through:- whatever happened to Thank-you? How did you enjoy the product?  What can I do to better serve you!

  • Disappearing Acts,
  • Use and Abuse Marketing,
  • Schmooze To Sell tactics are what is killing the industry!

Here is a great place for you to position, differentiate and brand yourself!


Party Plan Pat is the author of 10 Deadly Home Party Plan Business Mistakes.  She Is a party plan personal branding and self-promotion specialist.  She shows party plan consultants HOW to Stand ABOVE The Party Plan Crowd – And attract more customers by developing your own – uniquely  YOU personal touch!


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